Jan. 1st, 2016


Jan. 1st, 2016 10:14 pm
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All of the episodes were new to me because they tend not to show the hour-long ones in the marathons, though I think I did see part of Jess-Belle at some point because I have vague memories of a woman turning into a big cat (my faulty memory replaced the leopard with a panther for some reason).

Valley of the Shadow had transporters, replicators, and force fields in small town America. It also had James Doohan, appropriately enough. He wasn't one of the main players, but he gets more lines than Nimoy in the Dean Stockwell/Yellowface episode.

He's Alive was very relevant to current events in terms of the influence of Hitler and his ilk. Like, I can totally buy that Donald Trump communes with the ghost of Hitler. (I had actually been thinking when I was watching various "Christmas Carol" adaptations that the 3 spirits deal wouldn't work on Trump because he's too terrible.)

Printer's Devil allowed for geeking out over a linotype machine that the devil rigs such that what you type into it occurs. Meredith Burgess always seems to show up in the book geekery episodes. I mean this was a newspaper technically, but printing press stuff is bookish, and then he's a Librarian in another episode, and the guy who just wants to read all the time in yet another episode.

No Time Like The Past wasn't a highlight, per se, but it's worth mentioning because of incompetent time travel shenanigans. This guy goes back in time to try to stop major tragedies, but he goes about it all wrong. Showing up in Hiroshima on the day of when you don't even speak Japanese isn't gonna help anybody. Nor is showing up on a ship just before it's about to be torpedoed. No one is going to believe you when you try to warn them about these things. The botched Hitler assassination at least felt more like the point they were trying to make about the past being unalterable. So finally, he goes back to 1881 to stay because he thinks it's simpler times or whatever, and okay. So you know that a fire is started by a kerosene lantern thrown from a runaway carriage. Therefore your focus should be the damn lantern and putting it out (he literally could have just grabbed it and blown it out). Not once again trying to convince someone to do a weird thing (unhitch the horses) that they're never going to do. And definitely not trying to unhitch the horses yourself because that's what leads to the runaway carriage in the first place. So basically they undermined their point about the past being inviolate by having the time-traveling protagonist be a complete and utter dip.

Ended with The New Exhibit wherein the curator of murderous wax figures becomes a murderous wax figure, as you do.

Only 11 episodes total, but since they're hour-long ones that's actually about how many I usually watch.

Next year will start with Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville.


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