Jan. 1st, 2017

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Yesterday I watched the last 5 episode of Season 4 aka The Season Where CBS Forced Them To Do Hour-long Episodes And It Was A Bad Plan.

So I started with where I left off last year with Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville which includes a Trumpish businessman who makes a deal with the devil which of course backfires spectacularly due to his arrogance and ignorance. So that was satisfying to watch. I especially liked the bit where he's all thinking she wants his soul, and the devil is like "Oh no, we already own that due to the horrible things you've done in your quest to get rich." Fortunately, she takes cash.

And ended with The Bard which is written by Rod "I Am 100% Done" Serling and contains a lot of snide meta about the television industry and network/sponsor interference with creative works.

Today will be back to half-hour episodes in Season 5 as soon as I finish the thrill of laundry.

Zoned Out

Jan. 1st, 2017 10:04 pm
fuzzybluemonkeys: talky tina (twilight)
Early Season 5 includes Shatner vs. TheThingOnTheWing and the Talky Tina episode.

I ended on The Old Man in the Cave-- I could never quite figure out why they'd be more upset that he's a machine than some random old dude. Like the computer would be more likely to be accurate and less likely to lie because he wants the food for himself.

Next year starts with Uncle Simon.


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