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Okay, so I haven't actually made it to that Highlander episode yet but it seemed appropriate for the first season of 12 Monkeys that I've been watching instead.

[Now that I think about it, I don't think there's actually been any live monkeys onscreen just pictures and drawings.]

Anyway, with all the Nikita overlap casting, there's a part of my brain that keeps expecting Maggie Q to show up and fix everything.

First of all, Cassie's song is "Seamstress" by Dessa.

I was Not Pleased by Ramse being a plague-causing antagonist (and that they fridged Elena and Max to do it was extra yuck), but I do think it's interesting that he and Jones basically have the same motivation (make sure their child lives regardless of the cost or how the actual child in question might feel about it) that happens to be at cross-purposes to each other. And Cole going back for Ramse in the end was great as is Cassie now being the time traveler.

I am a bit confused about where they're going with the causality loops. They had Ramse explicitly state that the time machine would not have been developed if not for the time machine sending him back. But I was really getting a Terminator vibe throughout the season on the virus itself. Where meddling time travel to prevent John Connor/The Virus from existing is what causes John Connor/The Virus to exist in the first place. I was thinking that the 1,000-year-old Himalayan corpse is actually one of Jones's 'splodey test subjects that got sent back too far, but now I'm not sure. I mean Goines didn't even want the corpse until Cole told him there was a virus in it, so that part is definitely their fault, but I still want to find out if the actual origin of the virus is looped in on itself.

Unfortunately, SyFy does not have a great track record with making their series easy to watch online. I think the only reason S1 was available all at once on hulu was to hype S2 (and I definitely found it helpful to watch it all over the course of a week because that made it easier to keep track of the time travel shenanigans).


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