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Skull linoleum carving with hand-set metal type (14pt Bembo Italic).

Linoleum monkey could technically be any color, but of course he's blue.

Evgryd )
I actually did the wood engraving workshop first, but then linoleum carving was so much easier in comparison.
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But if I could do the Spock and/or Teal'c-style eyebrow raise, I'd totally be doing it in the general direction of the folks who take Bookbinding I who clearly have no crafty inclinations whatsoever. Like, I'm not saying you should come in with previous knowledge or knowing how to thread a needle or anything, but I feel like there's sort of a skill-set or maybe even a mind-set wherein you can actually learn those things. And if you don't have that crafty inclination, I have to wonder what makes you look at a Bookbinding class and decide to take it in the first place.

(This post is brought to you by me doing RA hours on Fridays and basically having to re-teach this guy step by step the things he should have learned in class. I mean, there were people in my BBI class who weren't crafty and needed help, but they got the gist, you know?)
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Is a heck of a lot of Shallerdoodling.

Happy Birthday Shal!
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I agree. Every time I think I'm almost done I find one more thing. Well hello there, toaster... (frakkin' toaster).

Also, one of the great mysteries of the universe: how do you pack a paper mache monkey*?

*award winning
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I agree. Every time I think I'm almost done I find one more thing. Well hello there, toaster... (frakkin' toaster).

Also, one of the great mysteries of the universe: how do you pack a paper mache monkey*?

*award winning
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Intestines: *roil roil roil*
Me: Okay, you can roil all you want so long as you don't make me have to run screaming for the bathroom during the Flea Market because I'm not entirely sure there is a bathroom there.
Bootsie: You're fucking with my routine, here, woman.
Me: I know, but I am much too tired to care.
Inestines: *roil roil roil*
Me: Ow, I take it back, stop roiling.

But I got up, and I went to market, to market to sell a fat flea, then home again, home again, $16 profit for me.
It's probably a bad sign when you get rid of $36 worth of stuff (especially at my prices), and you still have some left over (and then there's all the stuff that I'm not even trying to get rid of).
I begin to think that having more space in Iowa is potentially a Bad PlanTM.

But I sold the Autumnal Equibox which is cool because I made it and so forth, and usually I just give that stuff away (such as the Paper Clip Box that I gave to mom cuz it didn't sell and she expressed an interest), so it's like validation: a complete stranger is willing to pay five bucks for my craftings.
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and it occurs to me that if I'm going to be all crazypants, I might as well go all out:

Each sprinkle has been hand-selected for clarity and sprinkliciousness )
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Right. So. Holiday cards.

Previous iterations have included:
  • snowflakes, snowflakes, and more snowflakes (I've pretty much done the snowflakes to death at this point)

  • pine trees

  • snow personages

  • "These are a few of my favorite things"/"Warm woolen mittens" (the bewhiskered kittens and bestringed brown paper packages were too 3D for mailing and sorta difficult to mass produce, so some people just got mittens)

  • mugs of hot chocolate

The current iteration includes:
  • Who the fuck knows?

  • No, seriously, who the fuck knows? And can they tell me? Because I have no ideas.
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Does not photograph well, but here goes. )
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I know I am.

What is it called when people make their own sewing patterns? Let's say, in a wildly hypothetical fashion, that I made my own patterns for my little stuffed animal creatures rather than using somebody else's, how do I say that on I dunno.. maybe the description for my image list? I mean, somebody has to create the patterns that you buy at the store, right? So, what is that job called? Pattern design?

Picspam/NavelGazing )
Don't get me wrong, I like all of them (or else I wouldn't have scanned them), but I'm trying to figure out what the Application Reviewers would like which is probably not the same thing and maybe I should skip the postcard in the portfolio.
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So my plan is to include one of the little stuffed animals I made back in college in my "substantive sample of craft or graphic work" (also known as a portfolio). The thing is, I can't decide which one:


Unmutated and not yet angry squirrel

Or a blue ribbon winner at the Middletown Grange Fair
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I am very nervous about it, but it's only 20 cents, and if it doesn't sell after 4 months, I can just give up.
I feel bad not offering international shipping, but I just have no frakkin conception of how much that might cost, so... yeah.

Hopefully the description and such make sense of the sensical variety. And it's clear that I called it a "PaperClip Box" because it has paperclip clasps and not because I think you should put paperclips in it. I mean, you theoretically could, but it'd be sorta overpriced as far as paperclip storage goes.

Oh, and the price. Ack. Granted, I get my supplies for free from work, but I put time and effort and planning and design into it, so that's worth $6, right? Right? [cue the flesh-eating crickets]

Anywho, PaperClip Box.
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And I do:

But it fails as a holiday card cause it's too damn hard to mass produce.
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Other than clasps for a box

Or spokes for a bicycle

Anyone have any other ideas for alternative paper clip usage?
(I also use unbent and washed ones as cake testers)
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Why is this box epic? Well it's flat out tall, for one thing:

And then there's the whole triple decker aspect:

And the fact that the top layer has this plexiglass lid that slides on:

And it wasn't like I got to make 3 equal in size slots, the different pieces were different heights and widths and thicknesses, and the bit with the lid has grooves and lips and I had dreams about this box. I spent a lot of time at work just thinking and planning and drawing and figuring out how the hell I was gonna make the damn thing. There aren't instructions for this level of creative problem solving. It took like, mad engineering skillz and it also took over my brain. So I'm glad it's done.*

Now what was all this epic effort for?

Yes, that is a falsie. No, I do not know why it's on the cover of a book. I'm guessing it's supposed to be "art", but the foam rubber is disintegrating and was getting smooshed by the original slipcase it came in (preserved in the bottom shelf). The goal of the plexi is that peeps can see the book cover without touching it (or breathing on it), and then access the text (in a wrapper in the middle shelf).

*Of course now they want me and Jody (who gave me this monstrosity and was my sounding board and helped with the thinking thinky thoughts) to write an article about it for the Alumni Newsletter or something.


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