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I like the song, and then the video just adds another layer of coolness.
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1. Bootsie is a festival of cuteness. (These boots are made for walking)

2. This vid inspired me to [re]watch Children of Men as my SciFi Saturday movie which helped wash out some of the bad aftertaste the book left behind. It also introduced me to my latest obsessional song. (We Won't Run)

3. Henry! Henry is Sanctuary's techno-wizard/resident geek [♥] and also a werewolf Hyper-Active Protean. (All Star)

4. The Invisible Man was cancelled long ago, but Bobby and Darien are living happily ever after, or as happily ever after as a paranoid goverment agent and a dude who can turn invisible and goes all evil from time to time can live. (All The Way)

5. Hannah from S Club 7 is on Primeval. Therefore, it is totally inevitable (and awesomely so) that there should be a Primeval fanvid set to S Club 7 music. (Don't Stop Movin')

6 [-1 for angst]. This one is not happy in terms of content (Batman doesn't do happy), but it is happy-making in that it is cool and well done. (Hurt)
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or, Why Katy Perry Annoys The Crap Out Of Me

Katy Perry singing her song, "Firework":

People with actual talent (The Backbeats from NBC's The Sing-Off) singing Katy Perry's song, "Firework":

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Because why the hell not?

This one cuts off sorta weird (it's a black screen for the tail end of the song which doesn't count as video, I guess):

And this one has very quiet audio, but if you turn it up too loud it gets distorted (and I think it works better mood-wise on the quiet-side):
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