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So I spent, well, we'll say 2.25 days in Iowa City/Coralville because Tuesday and Friday were pretty much Travel Extravaganza days (Drive to Princeton! Take the Dinky! Take the Train! Take the AirTrain Monorail Thingy! Take a Plane! Take Another Plane! Drive Rental Car! And then I got to do all that in reverse! *collapses*). Oddly enough, though I didn't feel well while traveling and had to use the bathroom at various airports, I didn't get the super epic owies until Saturday when I was home, so who knows what's up with that.
So I looked at apartments and found a place I liked (so of course it's all restrictive to get into, but we'll see). I went to the Coralville Public Library a whole lot and used their 30 minutes at a time free internet access to frantically google things and check my email and so forth. And then I got to get a tour at the Center for the Book which is in an old teaching school so the one entrance says "High School" and there are lockers in the halls and stuff. So that was cool, but the Center is very limited physical space-wise, so I'll have to get used to that. Then I met with my adviser, who might not continue to be my adviser because he's more on the history side of things and is, as much as I hate to use a BMR coined phrase, not a practitioner. And while part of my purpose is to learn historical things, I think I'd relate better to someone who does the physical hands-on stuff, since that is my passion or whathaveyou. He did take me to see the University Library's Conservation Lab, which was awesome, cuz I'm a conservation/preservation nerd.
Meanwhile, I was missing my Bootsie something fierce, and he was missing me because he wouldn't even eat his wet food til I came back (though it looked like he munched some dry, so he wasn't starving or anything). So when I finally got home Friday night, we had our reunion and have been snuggling lots to make up for lost time.
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1) gather my stuff and shal's stuff together over the next 3 days (once i get home from work of course -- and a list of shal stuff would be helpful [hint][hint])
2) Thursday on the way home from work go straight to Pathmark for hoagies and possibly yogurt cuz i think i'm running out and i will need to bring something to take my drugs with
3) Friday mornin' get up at 8am (oooh! i get to sleep late) to leave at 9am
4) hope that i don't miss an exit and get horrifyingly lost
5) hope some more
6) pray ferverently to the highway gods and beg them to take pity on me
7) arrive at the land of Marys to see my darling sister
8) park really far away so that i can cram the van into a parking space without hitting anyone
9) have a wonderful time of happiness and glee until Sunday afternoon when i start the journey home
10) repeat steps 4-6
11) get home Sunday evening and go to work on Monday [sigh]


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