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fanmix cover

Astronaut Something Corporate
Beam Me Up Cazzette
Bright Echosmith
Twisted Logic Coldplay
Space Girl The Imagined Village
Iridescent Linkin Park
The Hymn of Acxiom Vienna Teng
Starships Nicki Minaj
Galaxy Jason Mraz
Tiny Light Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Time of Our Lives Tyrone Wells

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There is a North Skunk Creek and a South Skunk Creek, but no Dead Skunk Creek.

There was a Dead Horse Creek in Wyoming (as well as a Crazy Woman Creek, which I side-eyed until I decided it was preferable to Dead Woman Creek), and just generally, Wyoming had a lot of creeks of the [Adjective] [Noun] Creek [Road] formula.

Iowa was the land of wind turbines. They had a whole gentle giant majesty going on especially when compared to the smoke stacks of South Dakota ejaculating poison into the air (seriously though, the phallic imagery was pretty epic).

Little Sioux had a billboard that seemed bigger than the town itself saying "Prepare to meet thy God". Um. Sure. I'll meet my god, who doesn't exist. Then Sioux City, and finally Sioux Falls where Bobby and Snowmiser conspired to trap me for the night with blizzarding and road closures. Though I guess if I was going to be delayed somewhere, it's nice that it was a place I got to make Supernatural references about.

This is the first time my car has ever gotten below 30 miles per gallon (27: yikes!), but I figure it was due to a combination of the car being weighted down with my stuff and the weather/windiness as well as spending a lot of time idling to warm up the car in the morning when it was below zero out. And the other numbers were in the 30s and I got as high as 37 on one tank, so not too terrible overall.

Driving in the wind is incredibly tense-making. Even with the extra weight, I had to make minute course corrections and got all hunched up over the steering wheel about it. I know some of the extra windiness was from the storm, but seriously, set up some wind turbines and you'd be set for power.

In other reference makings, I stopped in Bozeman, Montana for gas on the final day of driving. I seem to have a thing for states with future Star Trek history in them. Going from the future birthplace of Captain Kirk (although not in the alternate timeline of the reboot cuz there he was born in space), to the future site of the launch of the first human warp drive/first contact with the Vulcans.

I wound up spending a lot of time following trucks and sort of using their speeds as a reference to what would be best given the icy conditions and wind.

I did not get hit by a Semi when "Bad Moon Rising" came on the radio.

There were periods of no radio reception as well as only scary religious radio reception, and lots of country (which led to me discovering Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away").

Bootsie was of course NOT PLEASED throughout the ordeal, but he wasn't overly howly about it, and he drank and ate a little the second night so I didn't have to force water down his throat with an eye dropper like I did the first night (I was slightly less worried about dehydration since it wasn't super-hot summertime, but winter Bootsies need liquids too).

Being a "young woman traveling alone" (as both Dad and Aunt Flossie felt the need to warn me about) did not really seem to affect my travels in any way that I could tell.

I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of stuff because well, three days of driving insanity almost two weeks ago, but that gives you a taste, I guess.

Of course when I finally got to my new apartment, they were still putting the flooring in and that made everything extra stressful and obnoxious, and Bootsie hid in the crate while they were there all the next day, which was a little ironic considering how it had gotten progressively more difficult to get him back in there.

But they finally finished, and the new floor is nice, and I got my stuff all moved in. I still have some boxes around that I should probably do something about, but I'm getting there, and my first week of work went well.
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"No, I will be good. I need to get rid of things in case I have to move again. I will not go."

And then I forgot about it until this morning when I was walking to Hy-Vee and I saw the sign again, and still I was all, "No. No flea marketing. You don't need anything." But I made the mistake of looking down the street, and I could see it. I do not have the power to resist flea markets when they're that close.

So that is how I wound up with a Star Trek XI DVD for $2.

There was also a dude there talking to the garage sale dude about crazypants conspiracy theories while garage sale dude nodded politely and made appropriate polite noises, but I could not for the life of me figure out if crazypants conspiracy dude was seriously into his crazypants conspiracies or if he was talking about them as in, "Can you believe the crazypants shit some people believe?" Because he wasn't acting all passionate about it but he wasn't being all scornful either: he was just.. relating it. As information. It was odd.

[spellcheck claims "crazypants" is not a word. Lies!]
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is the title of an episode of Falling Skies.

I'm just going to put that right here in my pile of Badass Episode Titles next to "For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky".
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As you bounce the graviton particle beam off the main deflector dish.

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So here ya go:

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Eventually, when The Hobbit movie[s] come out on DVD, I'll be expecting a fanvid set to Leonard Nimoy's The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.
Fair warning.

(I'd also like to see Benedict Cumberbatch serenading Martin Freeman with the song, but I think that's a bit less likely.)
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Which is the only thing I wound up buying at the Quaker Flea Market. But C is also for Compliment, and I got two of those.
PUs were off funeralling, so I didn't carpool (another C-word) with them like I usually do, and instead went via BumperSticker Mobile. Which lead us to the first compliment: [rather cute] Friend directing parking said he was "digging the stickers".
I also got a good parking space in the front near the Troll Bridge instead of back behind the liquor store, so that was nice.
Second compliment was from one of the ladies with a table who liked my squirrel bag, which is a compliment to my darling sister as well, since she's the one who gave it to me.
So I wandered around, basically had the same complaint we have every year: too antique-y, bought a bag of Peanut Brittle Chocolate Chip Cookies at the bake sale, and then reunited with the [rather cute] Friend from before, who did the whole hand motiony thing to help me not hit the telephone pole as I backed up.

And I'm still all ridiculously smiley about this guy who I don't know, will never see again, and spent all of 2 minutes with, but then, that's probably why I like him. Because if we actually did spend time together, it would be Geordi-Meets-Real-Leah-Brahms levels of awkward with my sucky people skills and him being normal and me being me, but still, I enjoyed our moment.
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Obviously, first and foremost, Keith David needs to guest star (preferably as like, Kevin's dad, or Kevin's dad's twin brother since I get the impression that Kevin's biodad is dead) for the Elisa/Goliath love.
But I've been watching TNG eps on BBCAmerica, and Wesley Wil Wheaton was on, so it got me thinking.
Because TNG peeps also fit with the Gargoyles reference. Like Xanatos Riker Jonathan Frakes and Demona Troi Marina Sirtis. They like working together. And I'd love to see Coldstone Worf Michael Dorn as a nerdy geeky type.
As for Puck Data Brent Spiner, he's got a gift for playing mad scientists that just should not be wasted.
Then Geordi Reading Rainbow Guy LeVar Burton (did he ever do a voice on Gargoyles? Or was he too busy flying twice as high?) can be the Reading Development Specialist and organizer of the Eureka Book Club. So he does something to the Eureka version of a Kindle to make reading addictive and everyone's walking around all Belle with dreamy far off looks and their noses stuck in books.

(Patrick Stewart is too movie-y and, well, something I've been noticing in the resurgence of my TNG love, is that while I didn't like Pulaski back in the day [largely due to her anti-Data tendencies] at least she had a frelling personality. Dr. Crusher is so bland, and I don't know if it's the actress or the writing or both, but yeesh.)
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This occurred to me a few days ago, and I figure it fits with [livejournal.com profile] rydra_wong's CoC meme, so:
Hoshi Sato is quite possibly the most influential character in all of Star Trek canon.
*cue spit takes*
Say what now?

You know that [plot] device on Star Trek? The one that allows every alien in the entire fucking universe to speak English? That helpful little gizmo that prevents them from having to spend every episode learning a new language? (Way to drop the ball [Ba'al?] on explaining that one, Stargate series.)
Never mind that the idea is impossible; a program that instantly translates a language to English even if it's never been heard before. This is Science Fiction, the believability of the device doesn't change the fact that she fracking invented it, or that everybody on Star Trek uses it pretty much at all times.
And that is why Hoshi Sato is just as important as Zefram Cochrane in terms of creating the basic infrastructure upon which the Trek-verse functions.

Sure, TPTB couldn't seem to decide if she was gonna be meek or a badass (though I, personally, vote badass because, dude, she had Ceti Eels compliance-inducing parasites injected into her head, and not only did she not help the Xindi unlock their big-ass weapon and destroy Earth, she added another layer of encryption. While under the influence of Ceti Eels mind-altering parasites.
Sure, a second dose of Ceti Eels, has her cracking all the codes, but still.)

So, basically, no matter what stupid shit the writers did to the character (UT translation: no matter how bad Enterprise got), she is an awesome badass who allows there to be communication throughout the Trek-verse, and everyone would be screwed without the sometimes space-sick, but totally awesome linguist. And yes, my BA in Linguistics makes me prejudiced in her favor, what of it?

Plus, it's an excuse to post this really pretty picture of Linda Park:

(I also made an icon out of it, but it's not like that was hard-- the original pic is 200x200, so I didn't even have to crop, just resize)
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I know they've been talking about Star Trek XI being a prequel about Kirk and Spock's academy days for a while now, but feel free to read this anyway.

Because I really don't think this is gonna work. I mean, I'll end up going to see it anyway because I am Star Trek's bitch, but have they learned nothing from the massive retcon disaster that was Enterprise? Don't get me wrong, I actually liked the show for the most part (which is not to say that it wasn't flawed, but certainly better than Voyager's later years *sings* The Captain and Seven Show, starring them, the Captain and Seven...) even if Scott Bakula did somehow forget how to act (or decided that snotty douchebaggery was the way to go), but it wasn't exactly continuity friendly.
And this is going to be even worse because no matter what they do, or who they cast, Kirk is William-fucking-Shatner and Spock is Leonard Nimoy (and Leonard Nimoy is Spock).

It's a lose-lose situation: either the actors aren't going to try to act like Shatner and Nimoy, which is dumb, or they're going to be doing second-rate impersonations, which will also be dumb.

And, from the article linked above, the Shut Up, J.J. Abrams Award goes to this little gem:
"...I would actually prefer [that] people don't know the series, because I feel like they will come to it with an open mind."
Yes, let's alienate the people who are actually going to shell out the cash to see your movie. Good plan.
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40 years ago today, the first episode of Star Trek was shown on TV.

Even though I'm not the hardcore Trekkie I once was, the 40th anniversary still makes me feel all goofy inside.

Live long and prosper, Star Trek.
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...that the Journal of Tribology is not about the study of Tribbles.

But it should be.
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I almost got broadsided by "Dean's Taxi" this morning. And I also had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that one of its headlights was out, and that that headlight was, in fact, the headlight that was out on the Metallicar at the end of the pilot. Of course, the taxi itself was a navy blue Voyager, which is the wrong show. Harry and Tom do not even come remotely close to being half as pretty as Sammy and Dean.
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"Yeesh, at least Shatner has personality. And also? Why me?"


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