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Hulu has been playing a "last week to watch the first episode of the season" ad with a clip of Sam torturing a woman (who is presumably possessed by a demon) and asking "Where is my brother?" all urgent-like. Which on the one hand, kudos to whoever chose the clip because that's it, that's the show. But on the other [evil] hand, that's it, that's the show. I feel like if I knew for sure that this was the last season, then I could keep watching, but if there's more, I'm not sure I can make it. And the fact that I'm thinking about it in those terms is sort of an answer to the "should I keep watching?" question in and of itself.
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There is a North Skunk Creek and a South Skunk Creek, but no Dead Skunk Creek.

There was a Dead Horse Creek in Wyoming (as well as a Crazy Woman Creek, which I side-eyed until I decided it was preferable to Dead Woman Creek), and just generally, Wyoming had a lot of creeks of the [Adjective] [Noun] Creek [Road] formula.

Iowa was the land of wind turbines. They had a whole gentle giant majesty going on especially when compared to the smoke stacks of South Dakota ejaculating poison into the air (seriously though, the phallic imagery was pretty epic).

Little Sioux had a billboard that seemed bigger than the town itself saying "Prepare to meet thy God". Um. Sure. I'll meet my god, who doesn't exist. Then Sioux City, and finally Sioux Falls where Bobby and Snowmiser conspired to trap me for the night with blizzarding and road closures. Though I guess if I was going to be delayed somewhere, it's nice that it was a place I got to make Supernatural references about.

This is the first time my car has ever gotten below 30 miles per gallon (27: yikes!), but I figure it was due to a combination of the car being weighted down with my stuff and the weather/windiness as well as spending a lot of time idling to warm up the car in the morning when it was below zero out. And the other numbers were in the 30s and I got as high as 37 on one tank, so not too terrible overall.

Driving in the wind is incredibly tense-making. Even with the extra weight, I had to make minute course corrections and got all hunched up over the steering wheel about it. I know some of the extra windiness was from the storm, but seriously, set up some wind turbines and you'd be set for power.

In other reference makings, I stopped in Bozeman, Montana for gas on the final day of driving. I seem to have a thing for states with future Star Trek history in them. Going from the future birthplace of Captain Kirk (although not in the alternate timeline of the reboot cuz there he was born in space), to the future site of the launch of the first human warp drive/first contact with the Vulcans.

I wound up spending a lot of time following trucks and sort of using their speeds as a reference to what would be best given the icy conditions and wind.

I did not get hit by a Semi when "Bad Moon Rising" came on the radio.

There were periods of no radio reception as well as only scary religious radio reception, and lots of country (which led to me discovering Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away").

Bootsie was of course NOT PLEASED throughout the ordeal, but he wasn't overly howly about it, and he drank and ate a little the second night so I didn't have to force water down his throat with an eye dropper like I did the first night (I was slightly less worried about dehydration since it wasn't super-hot summertime, but winter Bootsies need liquids too).

Being a "young woman traveling alone" (as both Dad and Aunt Flossie felt the need to warn me about) did not really seem to affect my travels in any way that I could tell.

I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of stuff because well, three days of driving insanity almost two weeks ago, but that gives you a taste, I guess.

Of course when I finally got to my new apartment, they were still putting the flooring in and that made everything extra stressful and obnoxious, and Bootsie hid in the crate while they were there all the next day, which was a little ironic considering how it had gotten progressively more difficult to get him back in there.

But they finally finished, and the new floor is nice, and I got my stuff all moved in. I still have some boxes around that I should probably do something about, but I'm getting there, and my first week of work went well.
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So, I'm coming up with prompts to leave at [community profile] spn_bitesized's current theme of Death, and I'm about to put "Death dances" as a prompt when this happens:

Death dances, Death sings,
"Mortals kill all the things
that they hold dear
as they clutch them in fear
of the unknown that awaits
at the gates
of their inevitable fates.
For all mortals must die
and that's when I,
Oh I,
an eternal sleep I bring them
with the lullaby I sing them."
Death Sings, Death Dances
for all of the chances,
for the hours and minutes and days
that might have been spent in other ways.
Death dances to the beat
of endless defeat
for no one can escape,
not the highest power now the lowliest ape.
Every microbe and cell
one day ceases to dwell
on this Earth that we know
we are part of Death's show.
Death dances with us.


And then I didn't entirely like that, so I grabbed the last line and started over:

Death dances with us
Though we do not know the steps
[Death Knows]
So we balance our toes on his shoes
As he shuffles about
We cling to his waist
As he turns and bows
To each of us
We know the Dance is done
But there are always others
Death dances with them.


More modifications:

Death dances with us
Though we don't know the steps
[Death Knows]
So we balance our toes on the tops of his shoes
As he shuffles about
We cling to his waist
Till he pries off our embrace
And we are forced to return to solid ground
[Lost and now Found]
The Dance is over.


And I'm still not happy with it, so I think I'll leave the prompt after all and see what someone else comes up with (if anyone responds, anyway).
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...which busted out a dream last night wherein Cas was possessing the Metallicar and she turned the color of his trenchcoat and Dean was pissed.
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A song for each episode of Supernatural Season 6. )

Unless things drastically improve next season, I probably won't be continuing with this, but then [personal profile] gigglingkat doesn't even continue with her own meme, so there.


Oct. 10th, 2010 01:37 pm
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Whatever it is called, I seem to write it (especially when responding to [community profile] spn_bitesized prompts).

Theme: Angels & Demons
Prompt: "Ruby prefers blondes. But she can make an exception." from [personal profile] morebutterflys
Title: Exception

Ruby's original meat-suit was blonde.
Way back when.
Before hell.
(And she got up off that Rack the first time they offered.)
But blonde is a bit too on the nose for Sam Winchester.
A bit too burned up on the ceiling.
Twice now.
So she goes dark.
And dead.
(In some ways it's almost better: no screaming, raging, crying, sobbing, "Let me out!")
(In some ways it's almost boring: no screaming, raging, crying, sobbing, "Let me out!")
Why be sentimental about an old meat-suit anyway?

Theme: Poetry (<-- I've got an excuse for this one)
Prompt: "any, 'It is a heart, this holocaust I walk in.
O Golden child, the world will kill and eat you'
-Mary's Song by Sylvia Plath" from [personal profile] later_tuesday
Title: Mary's Song

Golden hair meets golden flames
To lick and curl and turn to ash

Raised to kill by childish names
Hurled by fate into the clash

Made a choice she thought was free
Left behind the family trade

But the intervention of angels and destiny
Unmake the choices she might have made.
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Cuz I'm doing it anyway. The theme at [community profile] spn_bitesized is B-Movies, so I've been posting a lot of prompts (because I'm me). And then I wrote this in response to "Winchesters vs. Mad Cows":

moo. )
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At what point in the course of burning a corpse does it occur to you to add seasoning?
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and I'm already like, Best. SyFy Original. Evar. (Not that I've got high standards or anything)

And the title alone is just epic: Stonehenge Apocalypse. It's just so disastrously cheesy!

And then there's the genre actors:
Methos! Peter Wingfield elevates the quality of everything he's in just by breathing, so you know he's gonna be awesome.

Cas! Misha Collins strikes me as having the proper sense of humour to handle the ÜberCheese that is the SyFy Channel Original Movie. And let's face it, he's got some experience with this sort of ridiculousness via Supernatural.

Weir(2.0)! Okay, so I can't say I ever felt strong emotions about the Weir character (either version), but hell, just having a solid actor on board can improve quality by leaps and bounds.

Pretty Doctor Guy From CSI:NY! Okay, now I'm really pushing it, but a)eye candy and b)solid actor (though he's a bit of a wild card in that I don't know if he can handle the Power Of Cheese-- plus he's black, so he's totally gonna die).

But seriously, having people who can act (and embrace the Cheese) can make or break a SyFy Original.
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Woke this morning dull and dusty,
But I will still lead you home,
Though my soul is old and rusty,
I will still lead you home.

You could brake my heart tomorrow,
And I would still lead you home,
Through all happiness and sorrow,
I will still lead you home.

Though our lives have been in danger,
As we saved those lonely strangers,
We will always know each other,
And I will always lead you home.

When the day gets dark and dreary,
I will still lead you home,
When the night has left you weary,
I will still lead you home.

As the shadows are encroaching,
And the end of life's approaching,
We will still be together,
And I will still lead you home.

We will always be together,
And I will always lead you home.

The mp3. Yes, that's Bootsie running amok towards the end (a confluence of decent vocals and no cat noise has not been forthcoming).
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'Cause if they have a way to kill angels (with that silvery spikey thingy), why can't they use that to off Lucifer?
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Because why the hell not?

This one cuts off sorta weird (it's a black screen for the tail end of the song which doesn't count as video, I guess):

And this one has very quiet audio, but if you turn it up too loud it gets distorted (and I think it works better mood-wise on the quiet-side):
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Last night before I went to bed I came up with a song for last week's episode of Supernatural which I remember as being "Rise Up With Fists" by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. No problem there.
But I also came up with a song for this week's episode. It's just that now I can't remember what that song is.
And all I can think of is "Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks, and I do associate that song with SPN in the sense that when she gets to my favorite part, "Guess you'd better put on your armour," I picture Jensen Ackles in armour which is really just... yum.
And like, the more I think about it, the more the song sorta works for the episode, but I know it wasn't the song I was thinking of last night.
In trying to retrace my brain processes, I know I was thinking that the title of the ep is the title of that fic I wrote way back in season one, but I don't how I got from there to a song, or even if there's a direct link because my brain makes weird connection sometimes.
But now I'm thinking that the whole "love is a battlefield" thing is sorta perfect for the Winchesters. Love is a battlefield. A battlefield is love. And love is worth the fight. Or something.
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From "Of Whom Shall I Be Afraid" by Jim Byrnes...
To "Fear" by Stop Making Friends.

Also, Rihanna's "Disturbia" seems quite suited to the series Being Human.
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A song for each episode of Supernatural Season 4.

Season 4 )
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Song: "#1 Fan" by Voltaire

Fandom: Multi-fandom

Specific Idea: Clip of Jess and/or Mary burning on the ceiling for the line "scrape me off the ceiling".

Yeah, that's all I got.
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Just rearranging my internal jukebox, don't mind me.

Possible changes:
S2, Hollywood Babylon from "I Got Rythym" by Ella Fitzgerald to "Act Naturally" by the Beatles.
They're gonna put me in the movies
They're gonna make a big star out of me
We'll make a film about a man that's sad and lonely
And all I gotta do is act naturally

S3, Dream A Little Dream from "Just A Dream" by Griffin House to "Mad World" by Gary Jules.
And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you
'Cause I find it hard to take

Pre-series, Sammy goes to college:
--From Dean's perspective: "Kettle's On" by The Feeling
I'm hoping you remember what I taught ya
I'm hoping you remember me at all
I'm strong, but I feel like a mouse when you're gone
Yes, and I'm weak, but I'll take on the world when you're here with me
With me
Can't you see you're in the wrong place,
Will you please face it and come home

--From Sam's perspective: "That's Not Me" by the Beach Boys
I once had a dream
So I packed up and split for the city
I soon found out that my lonely life wasn't so pretty
I'm glad I went now I'm that much more sure that we're ready

--"Dancing In The Moonlight" by King Harvest
We get it on most every night
when that moon is big and bright
its a supernatural delight
everybodys dancing in the moonlight

--"Faithfully" by Journey
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A song for each episode of Supernatural.

Season 3 )

And for a trip down memory lane:
Season 2

Season 1
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On the one hand, it was an awesome episode. Virgins! Demons! Fucking Lilith! But he did not shoot the deputy! Good plan luring them in there and trapping them with salt. And the tape recorded exorcism! Henricksen finally grows a clue and there is mutual respect going on. So much love.
On the other (evil, EVIL!) hand, they killed Henricksen! Whyyyyyyyy? Also, shut up, Ruby, Dean's plan was awesome and saved everybody, and it's not his fault Lilith killed them afterwards.

Meanwhile, I have been saying they should get protective tattoos for years now (since the penultimate episode of the first season, anyway), and they did! Ha! It's about damn time.

But why did they have to kill Henricksen? Whyyyyyyy?


Oct. 4th, 2007 11:01 pm
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Because what this show really needed was more dead black people and a blonde girl with a magic knife*.


Why, Kripke, why?

I still love my boys and their car, though.

*Hunt 'n' Kill Barbie
WARNING: Magic Knife Accessory(TM) may pose a choking hazard.
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In My Time of Dying- Best of You by the Foo Fighters: With Dean as both the person singing the song and the person being addressed by it, and John being the one getting the best of him.
My head is giving me life or death,
But I can't choose,
I swear I'll never give in,
I refuse.

Everybody Loves a Clown- Tears of a Clown by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles: Aside from the obvious clown reference, it's also very applicable to Dean and his "I'm fine." routine.
Now if there's a smile on my face,
It's only there trying to fool the public.
But when it comes down to fooling you,
Now honey that's quite a different subject.
But don't let my glad expression,
Give you the wrong impression,
Really I'm sad, oh I'm sadder than sad.
You're gone and I'm hurtin' so bad,
Like a clown I pretend to be glad.

Bloodlust- bloody by Me: Maybe I should save this one for when James Marsters guest stars, but the vampire references are vague/metaphorical enough as it is, so it could totally apply to Dean. Plus, you know, reformed vampires.
So please don't run away,
There is still time, for you, to save the day,
Please don't cry too long,
Maybe everything won't turn out wrong,
If you could see past the gray,
To find your own sunlight,
And have your own say,
Maybe then you'd know,
The darkness is lacking,
It's not the only way to go,
Don't worry if you feel untrue,
You don't need to breathe,
To do what you do,
Sometimes it might seem too tough,
But if it were easy,
You know that wouldn't be enough,
'Cause it's the challenge that makes you whole,
And gives you a reason,
To save your own soul.

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things- Zombie Prostitute by Voltaire: On the one hand, there's the DeanAngst!, on the other hand, yeah, there's her.

Simon Said- Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) by Pink Floyd: At first I was attracted to this song purely for the "We don't need your mind control" line, but then it occurred to me that the teacher in this instance is the yellow-eyed demon: "Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!"

No Exit- Hey Jealousy by Gin Blossoms: I freely admit that at least part of my Jo hatred is due to insane and illogical jealousy, but there are other reasons I don't like her: she totally ignores Sam and/or signals for him to leave when he's around, which is rich coming from me with all my Dean songs, I know, but it's not that I don't want Sam around, I like Sam plenty (well, except for in Night Shifter when he's a ginormous dickwad to Ronald), I just have a hard time figuring out where his head is at, which is probably why I gravitate towards Dean (yes, there are reasons I prefer Dean other than Jensen being as pretty as all get out)-- even though I might disagree with his reasoning, at least I know what his reasoning is. Besides, Dean isn't Dean without his Sammy. But back to Jo: she also screams really stupidly and badly.

The Usual Suspects- Bad Boys by Inner Circle: This one speaks for itself, I think. I'm desperately in love with the montage o' deceit at the beginning.

Crossroad Blues- Something to Sing About from the Buffy musical: Dean's angst about being brought back from the dead (again!) so makes me think of Buffy's season 6 issues.
All the joy- life sends.
Family and friends
All the twists and bends,
Knowing that it ends.
Well that
On if they let you go,
On if they know enough to know,
that when you've bowed,
You leave the crowd.

And then the demon saying Daddy is in hell makes this run through my head:
There was no pain,
No fear, No doubt,
Til they pulled me out- of heeeeeeaven.
So that’s my refrain,
I live in hell,
'Cause I was expelled- from heeeeeeaven.
I think I was in heeeeeeaven

Croatoan- Samson by Regina Spektor: Dean's having a crisis of faith. I don't know that he wants to quit forever (though he'd definitely quit life forever if he lost his brother), but just the idea of wanting a vacation (and somehow the Go-Go's Vacation just didn't quite fit the tone). Dean wants Sammy to just be his brother and not have demonically-connected powers and definitely not a destiny, so if he could cut his hair and make that all go away (and the 'Jared needs a haircut' aspect is not lost on me either), he totally would.
Oh, we couldn't bring the columns down,
Yeah, we couldn't destroy a single one
And history books forgot about us,
And the bible didn't mention us, not even once

Dean's okay with hunting because it's the right thing to do, but he's not so keen on that destiny crap, and this song just captures that perfectly for me.

Hunted- Head For The Hills by Saves The Day: Sammy and the wonderkids don't wanna follow the demon, but "If you ever knew what I'm dreaming of, you would head for the hills."
Drowning in the darkness of my mind,
I dream I'm setting fire to everything in sight,
If I die tonight and go to Hell, oh well,
On that hill I see you.

My heart is burning black,
My bones are cold and cracked,
The venom flushed out my veins.
And if you ever knew what I'm dreaming of,
You would head for the hills.
You'd better head for the hills.
You'd better head for the hills.

Playthings- Promises, Promises by Naked Eyes: Dean made Sam promises, promises- he knew he'd never keep.

Night Shifter- Sherry by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons: I'm still wondering how the cops would explain away this unidentified body that looks exactly like a live woman. And at what point would someone with half a brain notice the astounding coincidence of the other time Dean kills people he somehow fakes his own death with an identical body. I realize it's sadly realistic for the FBI to be sorta dumb, but grow a clue, people.

Houses of the Holy- I Ain't Afraid by Holly Near: It's... not the best song ever, but I like the sentiment, and it's been growing on me. And I did like the preisty dude actually remembering the whole "Thou shalt not kill" thing. The trouble is that Sam is looking for an easy way out, so that it won't be his fault if he goes all dark side, but that's the most dangerous mindset he can have right now. It's easier to go evil if you think it's unavoidable, if you blame it on destiny, or some higher power manipulating/not protecting you, but if he accepts that it's his choice, his decision, he gives himself the power to keep himself from succumbing.

Born Under A Bad Sign- You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son by Wolf Parade: In the context of the episode, Jo is the Runner. But I think it also works with Dean as the Runner. Dean would rather run away than face the demon if killing the demon means losing his family. Whereas John and Sam have that single-minded martyr for the cause/revenge thing going on. So yeah, Meg via Sam was so lying about Dean being more like their father.
I'll draw three figures on your heart:
One of them will be me as a boy,
One of them will be me,
One of them will be me watching you run.

Tall Tales- Die Motherfucker Die by Get Set Go: I think the cheerful nature of the music goes along with the Trickster's enjoyment of messing with people. Like, it's not personal malice, just a cheery, "Die, motherfucker, die."

Roadkill- Dead Skunk by Loudon Wainwright III: Look, I loved this episode, and thought it was all deep and existential and such, but despite this, the title takes me to the "Dead Skunk" place.

Heart- The Time Comes by Nina Gordon: So, "the time comes" for Sammy to have some sex, and "Then it goes, and it goes, away." Also, the scene where the three of them are framed in the window, watching the sun rise: "I wait for the day to break me."

Hollywood Babylon- I Got Rythym by Ella Fitzgerald: It's like my SciFi Saturday came two nights early and combined with my favorite TV show. Or as my sister so deliciously put it, it's like if Dean and Bruce could breed.
Who could ask for anything more?

Folsom Prison Blues- Jailhouse Rock by Elvis:
The Warden threw a party in the county jail.

What Is And What Should Never Be- Always by Anthony Rapp: This is normally my Dean and Mary song, so it works in that respect, but also in this context as Dean and Sammy. Because any reality where he doesn't call Sammy, 'Sammy' is fundamentally flawed.
I'm up here on my own again, I'm always on my own
They don't know anything at all, they see just what they want
Can't they see I'm not really here? I'm back there with you.

Flying away, wish I could say you would be there tomorrow and always
Just have to go, wish I could know you would always remember me now and always

Turning my face away again, I'm always turned away
Wanting someone to talk it out, without you always

Flying away, wish I could say you would be there tomorrow and always
Just have to go, wish I could know you would always remember me now and always

All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1- A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley: I found this episode to be lacking in "oomph". Especially given the title.. I was told there'd be hell breaking loose, dammit! Where's my hell?

All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2- In Time by Mark Collie: Because in the midst of my "Wow, Thomas Jane looks weirdly like Colin Ferguson-[The Punisher kills a bunch of people]- Okay, so, Colin Ferguson, but like, a bazillion times more hardcore," madness, I really liked that song. And it fits with Dean and Sammy dying all over the place and Dean's deal.
And in time all things shall pass away
In time you may come back someday.
To live once more
To die once more
But in time your time will be no more

You know your days are numbered
Count 'em one by one
Like notches in the handle of an outlaw's gun
You can outrun the devil if you try
But you will never outrun the hands of time

Plus the Punisher winds up killing the Harry Heck assassin guy who sings the song, so his song doesn't quite come to pass, and that fits with the fact that Sammy's totally gonna save Dean. 'Cause they've got work to do.

Aaaand the ginormous zipfile! Haven't you always wanted one?


May. 10th, 2007 11:08 pm
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My reaction to the Metallicar getting smashed up:

My reaction to Sam getting stabbed in the back and dying:
Eh. He'll be fine.

But this isn't just some DeanGirl thing. It's like when the Demonic Trucker got them in the S1 finale, I knew Dean and Sammy would be okay. Dad could go either way, but whatever. I mean seriously, Dean's died, what, twice now? And Jared gets listed first despite alphabetical order-- I think he's gonna make it.

Their combined resurrections are already gonna beat Buffy. If they keep going at this rate, they'll be gaining on Xena in no time. Nowhere close to Danny J. though.
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I don't like the way they cut the Dean Talks To The Grave Of Still-Dead Papa Winchester scene last night.
I mean, we know from the phone scene in Home that Jensen can rock the hell out of one-sided conversations with an inanimate objects in lieu of his fictional father, so why did they feel the need to hack this scene to bits?
They've got this totally poignant and meaningful scene where Dean talks to his dead father and realizes his purpose that would have had crazy impact as a straight uncut emotional whammy, but instead we get shots of Dean talking cut with shots of him not talking, and the audio continues talking even through the not talking shots to the point where I'm all, "Wait, have we switched to voiceover now? No, his lips are moving properly again. What the hell are they doing?"

Still the cutest lawn-mowing ever, though.
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The three men I admire most, the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost )
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... it's just that the end of every TV show is inevitable (Yes, Fred, even if you stand up, look it in the eye, and say "You're evitable!").
Well, maybe not Law & Order, but still.

And so it is that my perfect ending to Supernatural is this:
The two of them driving off-- at night- no sunset/sunrise nonsense 'cause that's just cliché, and yes, that includes you Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Anyway, the two of them driving off in the Metallicar with the stereo blasting "Another One Bites The Dust". And I don't care if they stopped the demon or found out what his deal was (though obviously I'd like to know), so long as they keep on keepin' on:
Another one bites the dust,
Another one bites the dust,
And another one gone, and another one gone,
Another one bites the dust,
Hey, I'm gonna get you too,
Another one bites the dust...
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And all is right with the world.

He's the only one who gets to call me that.

Say hello to the shades of grey. I like it.


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