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Some TV Commentary

  • What is up with Kripke and naming black male characters Rufus? I mean, I love both Rufuses, but it's an unusual enough name to be kinda noticeable?
  • Kripke's also really into the journal thing. What Lucy needs to do is take a look at what's written on the first page of Flynn's copy, and then write something else on the first page of hers. Just to be contrary.
  • I am kind of annoyed with Rufus for his "If I don't tell Jiya how much danger she's in, she'll somehow be in less danger" bullshit because he should know better.
  • More Jiya and Agent Christopher screentime, please!
  • I have to admit I'm kind of meh on Wyatt, and I'm not sure if it's because the actor reminds me of Marc Blucas as Riley on BtVS, or the whole dead wife ugh thing, or both. Probably both.
  • Although now that he seems to have accepted that he can't prevent Jessica's death, I'm thinking it's gonna turn out that she's not actually dead.
  • I feel like they're walking a fine line with Flynn being menacing vs. cartoonish? Like the episode where he killed Anthony was good at bringing back some of the menace, not just because he killed Anthony but because he wasn't in it speechifying as much as some other episodes.
  • It also felt like they completely glossed over the risk Flynn was taking in erasing himself from history by changing his mother's past? Like, not having your kid die is a pretty life-altering event such that a lot of her choices would be different with Flynn's half-brother surviving? What if she never went to Europe and met Flynn's dad?

  • Someone on the writing staff really likes making Sasha Roiz take off his clothes? Like to the point where it's getting kind of creepy?
  • Also are they going to explain wtf the Meisner haunting is supposed to be or was that it?

  • Currently fixated on whether or not Sylvie is meant to be the Cowardly Lion.
  • Or has Dorothy not met the Cowardly Lion yet?
  • I mean, she only barely met the Tin Man and he wasn't even the Tin Man yet (and sorta pulling double duty as Jack Pumpkinhead sans literal pumpkin head at the time).
  • And it looks like they're purposely avoiding the talking animals and inanimate objects aspect of Oz (see flesh and blood scarecrow, clockwork Flying Monkey drones, cyborg Tin Man, etc.)
  • Speaking of clockwork Flying Monkey drones, I know there are a lot of plot-lines and worldbuildings going on, but I'm disappointed they don't get to be sentient. I'm just gonna pretend they gain sentience and start a robot monkey uprising offscreen. Because it would actually totally fit in with the magic cap that enslaved them in the books. They would still be unwilling participants used to further someone else's purpose, but then they could get self-determination in the end.
  • As much as I dislike the trend of making everything GrimDark, I have to admit the original Oz had some pretty creepy stuff in it.

  • I'm six episodes in and the first season is really Not Good.
  • Technically I've seen all these eps before, but not in order I don't think.
  • The problem with Wesley Sue being the best at engineering is that they wind up making the actual engineers look incompetent. These are people that graduated Starfleet Academy and got assigned to the Enterprise. They should not be incapable of doing their jobs without Wesley Sue's help.
  • LeVar Burton has the most beautiful laugh.