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"No, I will be good. I need to get rid of things in case I have to move again. I will not go."

And then I forgot about it until this morning when I was walking to Hy-Vee and I saw the sign again, and still I was all, "No. No flea marketing. You don't need anything." But I made the mistake of looking down the street, and I could see it. I do not have the power to resist flea markets when they're that close.

So that is how I wound up with a Star Trek XI DVD for $2.

There was also a dude there talking to the garage sale dude about crazypants conspiracy theories while garage sale dude nodded politely and made appropriate polite noises, but I could not for the life of me figure out if crazypants conspiracy dude was seriously into his crazypants conspiracies or if he was talking about them as in, "Can you believe the crazypants shit some people believe?" Because he wasn't acting all passionate about it but he wasn't being all scornful either: he was just.. relating it. As information. It was odd.

[spellcheck claims "crazypants" is not a word. Lies!]
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Intestines: *roil roil roil*
Me: Okay, you can roil all you want so long as you don't make me have to run screaming for the bathroom during the Flea Market because I'm not entirely sure there is a bathroom there.
Bootsie: You're fucking with my routine, here, woman.
Me: I know, but I am much too tired to care.
Inestines: *roil roil roil*
Me: Ow, I take it back, stop roiling.

But I got up, and I went to market, to market to sell a fat flea, then home again, home again, $16 profit for me.
It's probably a bad sign when you get rid of $36 worth of stuff (especially at my prices), and you still have some left over (and then there's all the stuff that I'm not even trying to get rid of).
I begin to think that having more space in Iowa is potentially a Bad PlanTM.

But I sold the Autumnal Equibox which is cool because I made it and so forth, and usually I just give that stuff away (such as the Paper Clip Box that I gave to mom cuz it didn't sell and she expressed an interest), so it's like validation: a complete stranger is willing to pay five bucks for my craftings.
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Actually, multiple kitchen sinks and multiple bathroom sinks, and also a photocopier, which is a new one even for the illustrious Hulmeville Flea Market. Also new (and potentially in bad taste) was that even the funeral home was having tables in their parking lot. I realize it's just a parking lot like any other, but it was still sorta.. off? Oh well, there was whole town flea markety goodness, and relatives that I only have to see once a year and have the excuse of flea marketing not to hang out with for too long.
And yet, I almost wound up getting just cookies again (they weren't homemade, but they were 3 PB cookies with PB chips for 50 cents, and they were yummy). But there was a set of table and chairs that I was contemplating and it was still there on the way back and mom haggled it down to $35 from $40, so I bought it.
Anyway, it's four folding chairs with cushioned seats (may or may not be enough cushioning depending on the sensitivity of your ass, but it works for me) and pretty leaf backs (which wound up being a pain in the butt, but more on that later). And the table folds up too, but these aren't rickety collapsible things, they are quite sturdy, and small, but I still have to clear room in my apartment, so the table and 3 of the chairs are hanging out in PUs garage for now.
Which brings me to the chair backs. Now, the cool leafy design was part of what attracted me to them, and the veneer sort of texturing was coming off, so I was going to glue down the loose pieces and paint them green to cover that up. And then maybe even put some fabric on the back (cause it's like a cut-out around the leafy-viny thing) so then you'd see color through and also cover up some of the dying veneer issues on the back of the chair back. Unfortunately, after cleaning them I realized how bad it really was because it's not just the veneer coming off, there's like layers of plywood or whatever the hell and they're all separating, and getting the glue in there and then getting them to stay glued is just gonna be a huge undertaking, which is sad because I liked the leaves, and interesting in a preservation vs. conservation sense because there's conserving the leaves and then there's preserving the chair as a usable chair as it's basically the decorative portion that's breaking, and the chairs themselves are quite sturdy and functional. As it turns out, I care more about books than I do about furniture because my current plan is to make slipcovers for the tops of the chairs (except for the one where the foliage is in the best shape, which I'm going to try to save) and cover up the damaged bits. Thereby also making them padded and more comfy, if not as pretty as they were.
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Which is the only thing I wound up buying at the Quaker Flea Market. But C is also for Compliment, and I got two of those.
PUs were off funeralling, so I didn't carpool (another C-word) with them like I usually do, and instead went via BumperSticker Mobile. Which lead us to the first compliment: [rather cute] Friend directing parking said he was "digging the stickers".
I also got a good parking space in the front near the Troll Bridge instead of back behind the liquor store, so that was nice.
Second compliment was from one of the ladies with a table who liked my squirrel bag, which is a compliment to my darling sister as well, since she's the one who gave it to me.
So I wandered around, basically had the same complaint we have every year: too antique-y, bought a bag of Peanut Brittle Chocolate Chip Cookies at the bake sale, and then reunited with the [rather cute] Friend from before, who did the whole hand motiony thing to help me not hit the telephone pole as I backed up.

And I'm still all ridiculously smiley about this guy who I don't know, will never see again, and spent all of 2 minutes with, but then, that's probably why I like him. Because if we actually did spend time together, it would be Geordi-Meets-Real-Leah-Brahms levels of awkward with my sucky people skills and him being normal and me being me, but still, I enjoyed our moment.
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Dude, seriously.

There was a kitchen sink for sale at the annual Hulmeville flea market.

I did not buy that, though I did buy a bunch of other stuff including the DVD of This Is Spinal Tap, which I totally did not get because Dean referenced it on Supernatural, nope. Actually, based on what I've heard about it, it sounds like my kind of humour. And I don't know if he was just being ridiculous, but the guy I bought it from was selling a bunch of DVDs and videos and he was all, "I knew you'd buy the Spinal Tap."

I also got a double decker cooling rack which given my limited counter space, will be quite useful. Gosh darnit, I'll just have to make some cookies to test it out, what a shame.

No My Little Ponies, or maybe there were and we missed it because it started to frelling rain around 1:30pm. Normally, I'm a big fan of the water cycle-- even have a poster on the wall-- but today, I shake my fist at you, water cycle: *shakes fist* for ruining my flea marketing.

Lessee, I got a book, some fabric, monkeys! (1 green, 1 yellow), a free belt, and I think that's it, other than funnel cake from that lady who makes funnel cake, and Dad got soft pretzels from the fire house and mom bought chocolate stuffs from some Girl Scouts (or, more accurately, their mothers). Plus the usual extended family meet 'n' greet-- they might do a reunion next year when Aunt Valeria turns 80. Yay?

Also, it's been building up inside of me for oh, I don't know how long- er, no, it's been building up for a while, but Mom is definitely in manic mode. I am so very, very, very, very, very, very (did I mention very?) happy to only have to put up with it in small doses. Very.

my booty

Sep. 25th, 2005 10:18 am
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Hulmeville was way better than Quaker because at the Yardley Friends flea market I only got 3 belts (2 of which turned out to not fit) and the thing that I wanted (a cat shaped book caddy type thing) was just being used to display books and was not for sale. At Hulmeville the same exact thing was for sale, all fortuitous-like:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
In another amazing coincidence, one of the first tables we stopped at had the exact Muppet glass that Dad broke last week. And though I was hoping to find a similarly cool replacement, I was not expecting to find an exactly as cool replacement. I got Dad to pay for it too (a whole quarter, but still, it's the principle of the thing). I also got a belt that definitely fits and is pretty colors:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
And a super cute shirt:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
All of my purchases cost 50 cents [each]. In fact, the most expensive thing I bought was a funnel cake for $2 but it was yummy and worth it.
Mom and Nati had a table together but they did not sell much. Aunt Valeria quite accurately pointed out that the reason people from our family tend not to sell much is that the stuff we're willing to sell is only the junkiest of the junk, because if it's good enough for other people to want it, then we won't be willing to give it up.

And just because it's cute and I don't think I sent it to you:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Well, it was a bit disappointing since I didn't find much that I wanted and the cool cat bookend-type thing wasn't for sale. Especially since I could have gone to the cool learn about the printing press type-setting class. Of course, that would have set me back $20 rather than $0.75
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so we went to another flea market on the way home from the library. they had all these little boys pajamas some of which had batman and robin on them which would have been cool enough in and of itself but there was one that also said "opposing evil forces" on it. which is awesome. it's just the phrasing of it, and of course the phrase itself "opposing evil forces". and it was funny cuz the lady selling them was all "you know they're pajamas right?" and i'm like yes i know they're little boys' pajamas and i really don't care. dad said that she either thought i was 12 or that i had a little kid. i pointed out that i could have a kid brother though there are people my age and younger with kids that size. though technically, ignoring the shorts the shirt came with for a moment, the shirt fits me! maybe not the way an adult would want it to, but still.
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so dad and i walked down to the flea markets in the older part of hedgerow woods and it turned out that there is a hedgerow drive and i used to walk down it on the way home from school almost every day for three years of middle school and yet i did not know that that's what it was called or even that there existed a road with the same name as the development. i only got a book and dad got a box, but everywhere we went we kept saying "oh, shal will like this", "this is what michele would buy", etc. etc. which was sorta funny cuz it was all these boxes and tins and jewelry containters. we know you too well, shallerdoodle.


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