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Things to bring:
-presents for Shallerdoodle
-the pretender DVD
-chocolate chip cookies + PB cookies
-clothing, meds, toothbrush, sheets, etc.

Music for driving:
On the way down: Cabbage Patch Kids Christmas Album
On the way back up: Non-holiday music TBD

Detour to PA:
-Pathmark Hoagie
-Stop at PUs to get presents and EZ Pass (also give PUs their cards + book for mom since dad already got song)

As always, I feel like I'm forgetting something.
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until shal and i decided to go to goodwill... apparently highway god benevelence does not extend to city streets. but i made it to the land of Marys in one peice so that's saying something.

funny staples supply truck quote: "I brake for empty staplers."

so we hung out and hoagied (Pathmark of course) and then had an adventure at goodwill (especially on the way back) and Peanut is cute.
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1) gather my stuff and shal's stuff together over the next 3 days (once i get home from work of course -- and a list of shal stuff would be helpful [hint][hint])
2) Thursday on the way home from work go straight to Pathmark for hoagies and possibly yogurt cuz i think i'm running out and i will need to bring something to take my drugs with
3) Friday mornin' get up at 8am (oooh! i get to sleep late) to leave at 9am
4) hope that i don't miss an exit and get horrifyingly lost
5) hope some more
6) pray ferverently to the highway gods and beg them to take pity on me
7) arrive at the land of Marys to see my darling sister
8) park really far away so that i can cram the van into a parking space without hitting anyone
9) have a wonderful time of happiness and glee until Sunday afternoon when i start the journey home
10) repeat steps 4-6
11) get home Sunday evening and go to work on Monday [sigh]


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