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Skull linoleum carving with hand-set metal type (14pt Bembo Italic).

Linoleum monkey could technically be any color, but of course he's blue.

Evgryd )
I actually did the wood engraving workshop first, but then linoleum carving was so much easier in comparison.
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So, I'm coming up with prompts to leave at [community profile] spn_bitesized's current theme of Death, and I'm about to put "Death dances" as a prompt when this happens:

Death dances, Death sings,
"Mortals kill all the things
that they hold dear
as they clutch them in fear
of the unknown that awaits
at the gates
of their inevitable fates.
For all mortals must die
and that's when I,
Oh I,
an eternal sleep I bring them
with the lullaby I sing them."
Death Sings, Death Dances
for all of the chances,
for the hours and minutes and days
that might have been spent in other ways.
Death dances to the beat
of endless defeat
for no one can escape,
not the highest power now the lowliest ape.
Every microbe and cell
one day ceases to dwell
on this Earth that we know
we are part of Death's show.
Death dances with us.


And then I didn't entirely like that, so I grabbed the last line and started over:

Death dances with us
Though we do not know the steps
[Death Knows]
So we balance our toes on his shoes
As he shuffles about
We cling to his waist
As he turns and bows
To each of us
We know the Dance is done
But there are always others
Death dances with them.


More modifications:

Death dances with us
Though we don't know the steps
[Death Knows]
So we balance our toes on the tops of his shoes
As he shuffles about
We cling to his waist
Till he pries off our embrace
And we are forced to return to solid ground
[Lost and now Found]
The Dance is over.


And I'm still not happy with it, so I think I'll leave the prompt after all and see what someone else comes up with (if anyone responds, anyway).


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