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A Highlander: The Series fanvid set to Metric's "Help, I'm Alive" (or possibly the Vitamin String Quartet instrumental cover) showing immortals coming back to life contrasted with the mortals who don't.

(Also I feel like pretty much any song by P!nk would be appropriate for an Amanda fanvid and/or playlist, but particularly "Bad Influence" and "Raise Your Glass".)
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And I'm really disappointed in my younger self for disliking her and not appreciating her awesomeness. She is so fucking brave and caring and understanding.

(This post is brought to you by my second attempt to watch all my Highlander DVDs from start to finish. First attempt was in 2006 which was 9 years ago [not an immortal but that still makes me feel old]. I think part of the problem last time was that I was forcing myself to watch/read all the DVD extras, but I have since come to realize that the majority of DVD extras don't really interest me [and when they do, they're only available on blu-ray *cough*Agent Carter One-Shot*cough*].)
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and I'm already like, Best. SyFy Original. Evar. (Not that I've got high standards or anything)

And the title alone is just epic: Stonehenge Apocalypse. It's just so disastrously cheesy!

And then there's the genre actors:
Methos! Peter Wingfield elevates the quality of everything he's in just by breathing, so you know he's gonna be awesome.

Cas! Misha Collins strikes me as having the proper sense of humour to handle the ÜberCheese that is the SyFy Channel Original Movie. And let's face it, he's got some experience with this sort of ridiculousness via Supernatural.

Weir(2.0)! Okay, so I can't say I ever felt strong emotions about the Weir character (either version), but hell, just having a solid actor on board can improve quality by leaps and bounds.

Pretty Doctor Guy From CSI:NY! Okay, now I'm really pushing it, but a)eye candy and b)solid actor (though he's a bit of a wild card in that I don't know if he can handle the Power Of Cheese-- plus he's black, so he's totally gonna die).

But seriously, having people who can act (and embrace the Cheese) can make or break a SyFy Original.
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The episode opens with a mime. If that's not evil, I don't know what is. Turns out this mime like to fake people out by first pretending to shoot/stab them and then actually shooting/stabbing them. Duncan meets his French cop nemesis, but my big concern is whether or not Richie is actually living on the barge or if Duncan got him an apartment in Paris. The barge doesn't allow for much privacy so I guess Duncan had to set him up elsewhere like a good sugar daddy.
Kuyler (With a K!), the evil killer mime immortal (which is like, triply redundant), reminded me of Simon Cowell for some reason even though he looked and sounded different.
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It's been a while. I don't know if that's what made Tessa so much less annoying or the fact that at the end of the episode, Adrian actually managed to have chemistry with her. It's a transition move to Paris episode so we don't see the Barge but it is mentioned. At first Richie is all freaked that they're gonna leave him behind but doesn't want to come out and say it for fear of being a moocher, I guess. Of course, Duncan brings him along- he's gotta have something to do while Tessa is curating, after all. It's also the introduction of Darius, which is cool because now that he's here, he can die to facilitate the entrance of Joe Dawson. Which is a terrible thing to say since the they had to kill off the character because the actor died, but it's not my fault it worked out that way.
This was one of the episodes I haven't seen yet, but I've seen flashbacks from it--probably in the Darius is Dead montage.


Feb. 17th, 2006 01:56 pm
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So of course the very next episode proves me wrong and Richie manages to ride his motorcycle without falling off. He does get arrested for trying to tail Tessa to the safehouse, but that was sort of on purpose to distract the cops from the fact that Duncan was also tailing them. Oh, and random blonde at Tessa's art show agrees with me that Richie is cute. And Ray from Sister, Sister is one of the cops and he calls Richie "Indiana Jones", which: hee!--but Duncan doesn't strike me as the type to be into whips.
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These are starting to get repetitive.

Once again, Tessa was annoying, Richie was cute, and Duncan was friggin' adorable when he was interacting with Richie. I especially liked the bit where he was all worried that Richie could have gotten hurt and yelling at him but it was worry/concern yelling and very "awwwwww". I think this is the first ep where we see Richie riding a motorcycle. It is also, coincidentally, the first time we see Richie fall off a motorcycle. I'm going to be on the lookout, but I'm fairly certain that when they bother to get the motorcycle stunt guy, they never waste him by not having him wipe out at some point.

There was Martok, and he even got a special credit "as Marcus", but he was only in it for a black and white flashback of a fight and ensuing quickening that lasted 5 minutes, if that.

For whatever reason, Adrian Paul is just more alive and vibrant in his scenes with Stan Kirsch (and later Jim Byrnes and Peter Wingfield, though, to be fair, mud would be alive and vibrant if it got to do a scene with Peter Wingfield) than he is in his scenes with Alexandra Vandernoot or Elizabeth Gracen or whatsherface Lily. Which leads to the HoYay! which I certainly don't mind, but since textually he's supposed to be into these women, and we have to put up with them onscreen (Shut up, Tessa), it would be nice if we could see an actual attraction there.
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Richie: the most adorable used car salesman ever. Of course he naively sells his friend Angie (who we haven't seen since like, the third episode) a junker, and is all upset when his shady boss is all "No Refunds", but the adversary immortal guy actually works to their advantage by using the sale of a Mercedes to kidnap Richie and then shady boss is so desperate to be shady that he fixes Angie's car, or something.
Notice my focus on the Richie storyline so I don't have to deal with the Tessa dreck. She's all jealous of "femme fatale" lady (she actually uses the words "femme fatale" to describe her) and actually says to Duncan "hold me". Do people say that in real life in a non-mocking manner? They even say it on TV mockingly (Hi, Dean!).
At first I thought the still image from the episode behind the menu was of Duncan and Tessa having sex in the shower, which, no thanks. Turns out what I thought was Tessa's sex face is actually her I'm in pain from chemical burns and Duncan is rinsing me off in the shower face.
And Duncan has a weird inner monologue thing while driving in his car (which I think might have been recycled footage) that's supposed to be deep, but is just odd and out of place.
Anyhoo, "femme fatale" (played by "Vanity") used to date evil immortal, so Duncan doesn't have to kill a woman. Where's Methos when you need him? We manage a smash through the window during the fight and then the Quickening includes exploding flower pots and shrubbery and ends up with Duncan twitching on the ground.
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...but it's an excuse to find and assemble the pretty, and it's not like I'm morally opposed to memes, I just don't want them to be the entirety of my posts because it will destroy my rebel street cred ;)

Top 20 List of Lust Meme.

Here are the ground rules: Name your Top 20 List Of Lust, in no particular order.
Your neighbor or grade school teacher doesn't count. The list can be male, female or mixed. They can be real life celebrities, or characters in a movie or TV show. For example, you might want to gag Mariska Hargitay, while still lusting after Butchy McFabulous Olivia Benson.

Click here for The Pretty (or don't) )
When did I become so gorram frelling shallow?
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So, Richie has traded his fugly red boots for a fringey-sleeved jacket. I'm not sure if this is an improvement, fashion-wise, but my only fashion sense is a complete lack thereof, so all I know is that he looks better without the boots.
The title of the episode refers to a boat, but it ought to refer to Richie's old friend Nikki, who is incredibly abrasive and I wish she were an immortal if only so that Duncan could kill her, except he wouldn't because of his damn chivalry/sexism.
The k'immie wasn't a k'immie in the 'k' sense, but there was a (limited) flashback of history of animosity. And then he wound up being beheaded by the rotors of a boat motor which was a neat cheat because then they don't have to show the fake-o head and/or headless body, and they can just chuck some red food-coloring in the water. Which reminds me of the very obviously powdered sugar "cocaine". Even though Duncan didn't behead him directly, the quickening had a bit more of the oomph that we're used to.
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Wow, no flashbacks, no quickenings, no immortals other than Duncan (and pre-immortal Richie). They did have Joey Pants though of The Matrix and The Fugitive and U.S. Marshals and a bazillion other things fame.

Duncan gets hit by a car and I'm going to use this opportunity to mention the cool thing from the last episode when he jumped off the cliff so he wouldn't be shot and fallen off a cliff, but anyway, they did a really cool thing to have his bones healing by making cracking noises because obviously they aren't in the proper position and have to return to that. But this week, his healing-o-rama from a cut involves a little mini-quickening that basically only shows up visibly when Joey Pants is watching.

Oh, and apparently everyone in the Highlanderverse (or at least the people in the opening credits) has a convertible. Duncan's is black, Tessa's is white, and Annoying Reporter Girl's is yellow. I am mad at Joey Pants because he could have killed her, but he did not.

I also want Duncan's magic no-stain shirt that remained whiter than white after a car accident, being kidnapped by crazy evil doctor, escaping from crazy evil doctor's basement, and sleeping off crazy evil doctor drugs in a pile of trash.

They did photo-development stuff your would like in a dark room and such and they made a contact sheet and I knew it was called that even thought they didn't call it that because of your photographosity. Aren't you proud?
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Tessa is in peril! I am shocked, shocked, I tell you! Because that never, ever happens. Ever. It is so novel, so new, so different-- I just don't think I can take it!
Anyway, Richie isn't in it much, which gets a big giant "Boo! Hiss!", but in his brief bit in the beginning, he gets to do a cute spiel about how he likes his nature in small doses. Like, "Shrubs. In pots," which is just dumb, but it's Richie, so I loved it anyway.
Duncan looks very cute perched up in a tree. I'm not so sure about the slow-motion beefcake running shirtless through the water scene, though. That was a bit much. And it made him look flabby because too many things were jiggling (in slow-motion).
They did fix the graphics in the opening credits to be less cheesy which was nice, and they added some scenes because they had filmed more eps by that point, but it still doesn't have quite the same punch as the Joe narrated credits. Because, well, Joe.
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So the reason that our heroes become hostages in the most ineptly handled hostage situation ever to grace the television screen is because of stupid Tessa and her stupid parking tickets. Seriously woman, if you get a ticket every time you park there, don't park there anymore! Of course, she never caught onto the whole Duncan being gay thing so maybe she's just dim.
I am by no means a gun expert, but mayhap the guns with what appear to be silencers should not make loud banging noises? And mayhap the supposed experienced military peeps should notice the little girl peeking really obviously out the door.
I did like that Duncan was not instantly kid friendly. It makes sense that he'd have issues what with never being able to have his own. The kid herself was of the typically annoying and oblivious tv-variety. Duncan is killing people all around her and she has no frelling clue.
Annoying reporter girl who somehow made it into the opening credits (several episodes ago, but I've been ignoring her up to this point) is going to continue to be ignored because she is so utterly pointless.

Free Fall

Jan. 10th, 2006 09:31 pm
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Wow, an episode I haven't seen yet. Joan Jett guest stars. Needless to say, she can't act for shit. She pretends to be all helpless by making Duncan think she just recently immortalized with her violent building jumping off of death. Then she seduces Richie and I love ya, Stan, but never try to wink again. Ever. The other immortal (I was gonna say he's evil, but that's not really the case 'cause he was just doing the revenge thing that Duncan does all the frelling time) who's after her get to have the flashback. And it's weird because the flashback isn't even of something he's there for. It's of Joan Jett killing his wife and adopted kid while he was away so as to make him angry and easier to kill. There are obvious flaws in her plan, but she keeps it up by threatening Richie and Tessa. Meantime she kills other immortal guy and has a horrifying quickening. Then there's her fight with Duncan which was some weird washed out blue special effect film 80's music video thing and then he doesn't kill her because Richie asks him not to, but there's the whole "If I ever see you again, blah, blah, blah death-threat cakes".
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The PTSD Vietnam Vet (sadly not Joe the Vietnam Vet) gets to hear the Loudest. Swordfight. Ever. Seriously, the sound effects were worse than the punches in Indy J.
Duncan lets Richie drive his car and it's cute like when Dean lets Sammy drive his car. Then Duncan makes a cool joke when Richie asks how he can tell if someone's an immortal because he says there's a tattoo. I wonder if they had thought up the Watchers at that point in the series because they can tell by the tattoo. There was one flashback where one wore a necklace to be more obvious, though.
And then Duncan faces down a whole mob of guys with shotguns and intimidates them by looking pretty in his partly unbuttoned blue shirt.
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Highlander riff is longer than usual )
A potential downside of the Metallicar is that its roof does not appear to be removable. Because if Adrian Paul looks hot jumping out of his black vintage convertible (Thunderbird, not Impala) just imagine The Ackles. Yeah. I'll be in my bunk.
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So, basically, the reason this Joe fella (no, not that Joe, sadly) decides to try to convince Richie he's his father, is because he thinks Duncan is Richie's sugar daddy. And he's not wrong.

It was cool of them to give Richie his own episode so early in the series, but I guess the main idea was to do some Duncan backstory with him being a foster kid too and him and Richie having abandonment issues in common.

Duncan sure was overly protective of this random kid he just met last episode and sort of jealous, really, that Richie was all caught up with this other man. And the show keeps trying to shove Tessa in my face (especially in the first ep when she was unclothed a lot--there was some shirtless Duncan to make up for it, but still: no, thank you), and they're all "Duncan and Tessa are in looooove" and I'm all "[cough]beard[cough]".

Duncan does have a cool car, though. It's no Metallicar, but it'll do.

Oh, and according to one of the extras, Christopher Lambert pronounces his last name without the 't', all French-like and such.
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Opening credits are ass. No Joe, and I forgot how cheesy the first season graphics are.
Start with Richie breaking into Duncan's antique shop. Hi Richie! So nice to see you in your pre-death state! Your "punk"-wear, however? Is a bit clownish, honey. I'd tell you to get some fashion advice from Duncan, but he wears the same pirate shirt 2 days in a row (cuz they used the same practice-fight scene footage of him and Connor).

Speaking of Connor, he actually looks pretty good in this episode. Maybe it's just because Duncan has a mullet for most of it. He does look extra nice in the flashbacks when he has long hair down, though.

"I am Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod." I guess I shouldn't harp on you too much, since it's the first time you've ever said it, but it's gonna get real old, real fast. Couldn't you mix it up a little? Like "Of the clan MacLeod, I am Duncan", or something? And you can tell he has perfected his Quickening convulsions yet. They're rather subdued and the yelling was off.

It was still cool though. Richie got some good lines in, but there were a lot of bits where they were trying too hard to make him the 'hip young kid'. And he's supposed to be 17! That just made me laugh and laugh. According to imdb he was 24, which is far more realistic.

The evil immortal was called Slan, but his full name was Slan Quince, so I guess the 'Qu' gets him a phonetic [k], still they only referred to him by his full name once so it was lacking in the k'immie department.

They used both "Princes of the Universe" and "Who Wants to Live Forever" within the episode. I didn't recognize any other Queen songs, but those are the two big ones anyway.
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3 Watchers watching,
2 Immortals dueling,
There can beeeeee only oooooonnneee!

No wonder the shipping was so expensive, an entire series on DVD is heavy. I love how it says "There can be only one" on the box, though, that amuses me. Of course I only have half a week to watch these until first run shows start up again. And I am such a bad, evil, shallow person, but when Charles was talking about being on holy ground, Highlander was my first thought, and then I started thinking about how I need to leave instructions so that my corpse is salted and burned when I die. bad nicoley. no cookie.
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Richie's dead now. he wasn't really dead till i saw it happen, but it was so sad. Duncan was a wreck. the only good part was that the people i saw hugging each other at the end of the ep when i was checking the tape were Joe and Methos. first Duncan comes back from crazy land and realizes what he's done and he holds up his sword to Methos "Take it." "Not a chance." and then he just totally loses it and walks away and Joe starts to sob and Methos comes over and holds him. it was so sad. poor Richie. poor Duncan. poor Joe. Methos wasn't as upset because he didn't know Richie that well, but he was upset for Duncan and Joe because he knew how much they loved him. so he was there for Joe in his time of grief and didn't kill Duncan because i mean please. not gonna happen. though i would have said the same about Duncan killing Richie but it was totally an accident. poor Richie.


Aug. 15th, 2004 10:43 pm
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i'm not sure what i like best:
option 1: Methos wearing nothing but boxers
option 2: Methos fighting another immortal in the rain to protect his true love
option 3: the look on Methos's face when he goes to see if Duncan survived which starts out all hopeful "Mac?" and then turns to utter horror when he sees that the immortal he sensed was the guy Mac was fighting and then relief when guy Mac was fighting indicates that Mac is still alive
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yes, yes i do. but that is irrelevant to the fact that Duncan chose Methos over Cassandra. and i think Cassandra might be more annoying than Amanda, which is pretty difficult to pull off. but when she and Duncan are together they are so chemistryless. it's sorta gross. and they're supposed to be the couple! and yet when Duncan is with Methos it's just so
M: I want you
D: I want you more
M: Joe won't mind if we have a private rendezvous while he's in the states
D: What he doesn't know can't hurt him
M: Hypocrite
(i think you can figure out what happens next)
and yeah, the double quickening? orgasmic climax anyone? yeesh. not that i'm complaining or anything.
and maybe the chemistry between Duncan and Methos is just that Peter Wingfield would have chemistry with a rock (hey he managed to eke some out of Cassandra), but then how do you explain the Duncan/Joe, Duncan/Richie, Duncan/Joe/Richie pairings? or orgies as the case may be. yeah. i'm gonna stop now. but not without a 1...2...3... 123
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so this saturday when i was chauffeuring the injured dad we went to the Levittown library rather than the Yardley branch because Levittown has a much better video and dvd collection. and amidst that video collection were some highlander videos including one containing Comes a Horseman and Revelations 6:8, which coincidentally enough were going to be shown on Monday and Tuesday of this week the last time i checked. i decided to get the video anyway so that i could see them in their uncut glory with no commercials and it turns out it's good i did because Spike changed their schedule for a Joe Shmoe 2 marathon so they're skipping Revelations and The Ransom of Richard Redstone (which unfortunately, there was not a tape for). anyway i saw Comes a Horseman last night (hence this entry's title) and tonight i'll see another episode of methosy goodness (including the double quickening that even Peter Wingfield thinks is gay). so now on to the hoyay experience: Duncan thinks Methos has a nice smile. the degree of betrayedness that Duncan achieves is much more like that of a lover than that of a friend. i mean, it's one thing to find out that your friend used to be a murdering psychopath, quite another to find your true love was one. and even the way Methos was reacting: he knew that Macleod wouldn't like it and was all upset about the possibility of him finding out and when they're slamming each other up against the car? damn. also i love how Joe Dawson is just so loyal and at first won't even believe that Methos would do such a thing and he's all "Our Methos?" (and granted, this could be interpreted as an actual question considering that the episode with the fake Methos is only a few eps earlier, but not the way Joe says it or even the context he says it in... he's totally saying that Methos is theirs cuz they love him). and even once Joe Dawson believes he's still all 'people change' and 'it was thousands of years ago' and blah blah blah Joe and Methos sitting in a tree cakes. so even if Duncan wants to be all high and mighty, Methos will still have Joe to love him.
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...and Methos called Duncan "darling". they're sooooo in lo-ove


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