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There is a North Skunk Creek and a South Skunk Creek, but no Dead Skunk Creek.

There was a Dead Horse Creek in Wyoming (as well as a Crazy Woman Creek, which I side-eyed until I decided it was preferable to Dead Woman Creek), and just generally, Wyoming had a lot of creeks of the [Adjective] [Noun] Creek [Road] formula.

Iowa was the land of wind turbines. They had a whole gentle giant majesty going on especially when compared to the smoke stacks of South Dakota ejaculating poison into the air (seriously though, the phallic imagery was pretty epic).

Little Sioux had a billboard that seemed bigger than the town itself saying "Prepare to meet thy God". Um. Sure. I'll meet my god, who doesn't exist. Then Sioux City, and finally Sioux Falls where Bobby and Snowmiser conspired to trap me for the night with blizzarding and road closures. Though I guess if I was going to be delayed somewhere, it's nice that it was a place I got to make Supernatural references about.

This is the first time my car has ever gotten below 30 miles per gallon (27: yikes!), but I figure it was due to a combination of the car being weighted down with my stuff and the weather/windiness as well as spending a lot of time idling to warm up the car in the morning when it was below zero out. And the other numbers were in the 30s and I got as high as 37 on one tank, so not too terrible overall.

Driving in the wind is incredibly tense-making. Even with the extra weight, I had to make minute course corrections and got all hunched up over the steering wheel about it. I know some of the extra windiness was from the storm, but seriously, set up some wind turbines and you'd be set for power.

In other reference makings, I stopped in Bozeman, Montana for gas on the final day of driving. I seem to have a thing for states with future Star Trek history in them. Going from the future birthplace of Captain Kirk (although not in the alternate timeline of the reboot cuz there he was born in space), to the future site of the launch of the first human warp drive/first contact with the Vulcans.

I wound up spending a lot of time following trucks and sort of using their speeds as a reference to what would be best given the icy conditions and wind.

I did not get hit by a Semi when "Bad Moon Rising" came on the radio.

There were periods of no radio reception as well as only scary religious radio reception, and lots of country (which led to me discovering Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away").

Bootsie was of course NOT PLEASED throughout the ordeal, but he wasn't overly howly about it, and he drank and ate a little the second night so I didn't have to force water down his throat with an eye dropper like I did the first night (I was slightly less worried about dehydration since it wasn't super-hot summertime, but winter Bootsies need liquids too).

Being a "young woman traveling alone" (as both Dad and Aunt Flossie felt the need to warn me about) did not really seem to affect my travels in any way that I could tell.

I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of stuff because well, three days of driving insanity almost two weeks ago, but that gives you a taste, I guess.

Of course when I finally got to my new apartment, they were still putting the flooring in and that made everything extra stressful and obnoxious, and Bootsie hid in the crate while they were there all the next day, which was a little ironic considering how it had gotten progressively more difficult to get him back in there.

But they finally finished, and the new floor is nice, and I got my stuff all moved in. I still have some boxes around that I should probably do something about, but I'm getting there, and my first week of work went well.
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I have to move to Montana!

Well, crap.

I'll just be over here freaking the fuck out.
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No more diarrhea, no more of this not peeing nearly enough for all the water you're drinking nonsense, and most certainly no more sneezing. That is just completely uncalled for.


Guess who needs to go to the Vet. Again.

[And yeah, I know the peeing is related to the diarrhea dehydration, but the whole shebang is worrying me to the point where I'm sick, so between the two of us, the apartment smells just fantastic.]
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So I spent, well, we'll say 2.25 days in Iowa City/Coralville because Tuesday and Friday were pretty much Travel Extravaganza days (Drive to Princeton! Take the Dinky! Take the Train! Take the AirTrain Monorail Thingy! Take a Plane! Take Another Plane! Drive Rental Car! And then I got to do all that in reverse! *collapses*). Oddly enough, though I didn't feel well while traveling and had to use the bathroom at various airports, I didn't get the super epic owies until Saturday when I was home, so who knows what's up with that.
So I looked at apartments and found a place I liked (so of course it's all restrictive to get into, but we'll see). I went to the Coralville Public Library a whole lot and used their 30 minutes at a time free internet access to frantically google things and check my email and so forth. And then I got to get a tour at the Center for the Book which is in an old teaching school so the one entrance says "High School" and there are lockers in the halls and stuff. So that was cool, but the Center is very limited physical space-wise, so I'll have to get used to that. Then I met with my adviser, who might not continue to be my adviser because he's more on the history side of things and is, as much as I hate to use a BMR coined phrase, not a practitioner. And while part of my purpose is to learn historical things, I think I'd relate better to someone who does the physical hands-on stuff, since that is my passion or whathaveyou. He did take me to see the University Library's Conservation Lab, which was awesome, cuz I'm a conservation/preservation nerd.
Meanwhile, I was missing my Bootsie something fierce, and he was missing me because he wouldn't even eat his wet food til I came back (though it looked like he munched some dry, so he wasn't starving or anything). So when I finally got home Friday night, we had our reunion and have been snuggling lots to make up for lost time.
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I got into the University of Iowa Center for the Book Certificate Program!
This is happy news.

And yet, I am well on my way to a Kermit the Frog level of flailing panic (See here for reference) because, well: moving to Iowa.

In other news, I am currently in the process of extracting the red sprinkles from the rainbow sprinkles with a pair of tweezers so that I can use them for the eyes of my Angry Mutant Squirrel sugar cookies because clearly, I am a crazy person.
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That was a whole lotta worrying for a whole lotta nothing.

My morning as it was supposed to be:
-Go to the hospital at 9am for registration
-Get stabbity needles in the neck around 10am
-Head into work prepared to make jokes about vampires and/or alien abduction

My morning as it was:
-Go to the hospital at 9am for registration
-Come to find out the place I've been going to for Thyroid UltraSounds is crappy and exaggeration-prone, so Hospital Doc isn't even sure there are nodules to biopsy (UltraSound @ hospital confirms that there are not-- just some heterogeneous gobbledy gook, that while not "normal" per se, is really nothing to worry about, and you know, NOT POTENTIALLY CANCEROUS)
-Meanwhile, Hospital Doc turns out to be SciFi Fan Doc: I had written "DON'T PANIC" on my wrist (as you do), and he saw it and got the Hitchhiker's Guide reference and then was recommending books to me to the point of printing out their Wikipedia entries and calling his wife to get a title, and he was all charming and fun and like, the anti-House, so that was a good distraction.
-After everything has been cleared up in a needle-free fashion, it's already after 11am (I was expecting to be at work by then), so I was all screw work and called BMR and took the day off and came home to the Boots.

Now for lunch followed by a big ol' hunk of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cake.


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