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From dictionary.com:

transfix, verb
1. to make or hold motionless with amazement, awe, terror, etc.
2. to pierce through with or as if a pointed weapon; impale.
3. to hold or fasten with or on somthing that pierces.

Now, I shall provide you with the entirety of the context (an email from the erstwhile Boring Manager Rob), and you can tell me what the bloody fuck it's supposed to mean.

Subject: Good Luck and All That

I believe I heard (before I retired) that you said you were going to be leaving this month. I wish you well in this new phase/adventure in your life. It takes a lot of guts to leave something routine and known, if not permanent (your job), to strike out in a new direction to advance your knowledge and career aspirations. You have good hand skills and may be able to develop them at Iowa. I hope that you can do so and that you will acquire new colleagues and make good contacts. And that this will rocket your career in the direction you hope to achieve. Good luck and all that. Be transfixed.


So, overall, it's a nice sentiment, but as with all things Roberty, he has to go and ruin it with the Robertisms of Douchery. Like, why stop at a "Good luck" when you can add an off-putting "and all that" to make it sound insincere? Not once, mind you, but twice! Laryssa suggested "Fuck You and All That" as a response (though I'm not actually planning on responding at all).
And then we end with this "Be transfixed" nonsense. So, basically, I should impale myself on something so that I can properly gape in horror at BMR's stupidity.
I should have just deleted it unread, but nooooo. Gorram curiosity.
fuzzybluemonkeys: I just read the most wonderful story about a beanstalk and an ogre and (oh really)
But I can't, so Fizzgig will have to do it for me.

fuzzybluemonkeys: I just read the most wonderful story about a beanstalk and an ogre and (oh really)
So, the UUCWC membership book has been returned to Bonnie, who has been the impetus/liason for all of this, via her husband Friday night because she was away for the weekend.
Having returned, she has now sent the "Oh, it's so beautiful, blah blah blah" email, but instead of me being able to be all yay, I'm done, she added this wrinkle:
"I know you said originally that you wouldn't charge the church for it, but I think you should reconsider. What would be a fair price? Just let me know and I'll make sure it happens."
To which I'm just like, I dunno? 50 bucks? Is that too much? Of course, it would have been hundreds of dollars if they'd gotten a professional private conservator to do it instead of someone who used to go there and whose parental units are members (it was actually pretty cool to find their names in the book), and who figured it'd be a good learning opportunity. But like I said, I used to go there, and all I ever heard and hear from PUs is how much money the church doesn't have, so if anything, I'm more inclined to go with some sort of allocation of $50 to the Social ActionJustice Committee (I prefer the old school term of "action" because it implies actually getting off your ass and doing something, which, granted, I only really do once a year, but I don't even go to the damn church anymore so what's the rest of the congregation's excuse?) or Green Sanctuary or something.
On the other [evil] hand, money is always nice, and it's not like I didn't earn it by working my ass off on the book.
But both my [evil and otherwise] hands are mostly just like Gah! Take the book and leave me alone!


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