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I entertained myself during my commute today by listening to the Power Rangers: The Movie soundtrack that I got via SwapTree because I am a dork.

Overall, I have to say I found it somewhat bizarre. It starts out with the theme song as you might expect, but it's all jazzed up, "Oooh! We're a movie now!" and there's a verse I don't remember about them only using their weapons for defense, which amused me and reminded me of those hysterical PSAs they'd have after the show, which amused me even more.
Then there's the Red Hot Chili Peppers' cover of "Higher Ground", which I like, but seemed sort of out of place? I realize the Red Hot Chili Peppers themselves probably had nothing to do with it, and it was all the record company, but that was sort of weird.
Less weird was the one song I remembered from the movie with the "Uh oh, we're in trouble, someone's (except it's actually something's) come along and burst our bubble.." I have a very distinct memory of that playing while the kids are running amok due to Ivan's purple ooze (PSA: Don't do drugs).
And then there was that "I've got the power!" song, that I've apparently never heard in it's entirety because wow, is it long.
Also long: the bizzaro dance mix cover of "Free Ride", and the most accurate description I can come up with for what they did to this song is that they Motown-ized it, and it is strange.
Somewhere in there was a rap re-mix of "Kung Fu Fighting" called "Kung Fu Dancing", a Van Halen song, and a They Might Be Giants song amongst others.
But the crowning glory, the pièce de résistance, the gem that makes it all worthwhile, has got to be the "Ayiyiyiyi Alpha Song" that was obviously written by people who watched Power Rangers and is hysterically awesome.


Jun. 5th, 2010 10:28 am
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My song for last night's episode of Flashpoint:

Chin Up by Copeland

With your eyes closed,
Watching a strange show
Play out in your head,
But you were smiling somehow
And your day froze,
And everyone in it
Sat still as a rose,
But we were moving somehow.

Back to where we started,
Losing who we were,
Maybe we should only
Tip a bottle back to keep us filled up.

Back to where we started,
Losing who we were,
Everybody knows that,
You’d break your neck to keep your chin up.

Open your eyes,
And the drops come,
And a snail raced down to your neck,
And looked up,
But you were smiling somehow.

Back to where we started,
Losing who we were,
Maybe we should only
Tip a bottle back to keep us filled up.

Back to where we started,
Losing who we were,
Everybody knows that
You’d break your neck to keep your chin up.

And since you put the idea in my head I had to assign colors: Pink Ranger is Pink Ranger obv., new girl is Yellow Ranger, Spike is Billy so Blue Ranger, Greg is Zordon, Ed is the Red Ranger, which leaves Black for Wordy because Sam is the Green Ranger. And then Wynnie is Alpha.
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The "NOW!" can be roughly translated as follows:
Now, dammit! Listen, if those whiny bitch machines don't haul their Mighty asses out here right this instant, I'm selling them all as scrap metal. Ya hear me? SCRAP METAL!


Jun. 24th, 2008 07:25 pm
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What with wracking my brain for all that it might remember about Transfomers yesterday, I sorta noticed the I'mSurprisedTheyDidn'tSue level of similarity between Megatron and Megazord from Power Rangers (both in name and general transformationiness).
This then got me thinking about Power Rangers in general, and how even though we made fun of it a lot (I'm sure Shoshona would be just shocked to learn this), we still watched it.
And then it occurred to me that either my enjoyment of Power Rangers was an early sign of my current fondness for cheese/craptastic scifi movies, or watching it in my more formative years somehow innoculated me against the horrors of "acting" so atrocious it needs to be put in quotes and cardboard special effects.


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