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I saw a bumper sticker today that was the shape of Montana and said, "Get Lost (in Montana)." And all I could think was that the New Jersey version of that would be, "Get Lost (no, really, we don't want you here)."

Anyway, apparently the MT Office of Tourism gives them away, so I signed up to get one.
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1. This morning there was bad singing going on outside and Bootsie looked at me with this absolutely horrified WTFIsThat face. My thoughts exactly, Mr. Boots. My thoughts exactly. (If only I could make such hysterically cute faces about it.)

2. My car continues to run, and the battery seems to be doing okay despite the cold.

3. 5-pound bag of potatoes for 69 cents. [insert 20 pounds of crazy in a 5 pound bag Leverage reference here]

4. Got my deposit back on the old apartment (which I did not break into despite it being where we used to live)

5. I actually have off for MLK Day tomorrow. Suck on that, Princeton.
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There is a North Skunk Creek and a South Skunk Creek, but no Dead Skunk Creek.

There was a Dead Horse Creek in Wyoming (as well as a Crazy Woman Creek, which I side-eyed until I decided it was preferable to Dead Woman Creek), and just generally, Wyoming had a lot of creeks of the [Adjective] [Noun] Creek [Road] formula.

Iowa was the land of wind turbines. They had a whole gentle giant majesty going on especially when compared to the smoke stacks of South Dakota ejaculating poison into the air (seriously though, the phallic imagery was pretty epic).

Little Sioux had a billboard that seemed bigger than the town itself saying "Prepare to meet thy God". Um. Sure. I'll meet my god, who doesn't exist. Then Sioux City, and finally Sioux Falls where Bobby and Snowmiser conspired to trap me for the night with blizzarding and road closures. Though I guess if I was going to be delayed somewhere, it's nice that it was a place I got to make Supernatural references about.

This is the first time my car has ever gotten below 30 miles per gallon (27: yikes!), but I figure it was due to a combination of the car being weighted down with my stuff and the weather/windiness as well as spending a lot of time idling to warm up the car in the morning when it was below zero out. And the other numbers were in the 30s and I got as high as 37 on one tank, so not too terrible overall.

Driving in the wind is incredibly tense-making. Even with the extra weight, I had to make minute course corrections and got all hunched up over the steering wheel about it. I know some of the extra windiness was from the storm, but seriously, set up some wind turbines and you'd be set for power.

In other reference makings, I stopped in Bozeman, Montana for gas on the final day of driving. I seem to have a thing for states with future Star Trek history in them. Going from the future birthplace of Captain Kirk (although not in the alternate timeline of the reboot cuz there he was born in space), to the future site of the launch of the first human warp drive/first contact with the Vulcans.

I wound up spending a lot of time following trucks and sort of using their speeds as a reference to what would be best given the icy conditions and wind.

I did not get hit by a Semi when "Bad Moon Rising" came on the radio.

There were periods of no radio reception as well as only scary religious radio reception, and lots of country (which led to me discovering Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away").

Bootsie was of course NOT PLEASED throughout the ordeal, but he wasn't overly howly about it, and he drank and ate a little the second night so I didn't have to force water down his throat with an eye dropper like I did the first night (I was slightly less worried about dehydration since it wasn't super-hot summertime, but winter Bootsies need liquids too).

Being a "young woman traveling alone" (as both Dad and Aunt Flossie felt the need to warn me about) did not really seem to affect my travels in any way that I could tell.

I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of stuff because well, three days of driving insanity almost two weeks ago, but that gives you a taste, I guess.

Of course when I finally got to my new apartment, they were still putting the flooring in and that made everything extra stressful and obnoxious, and Bootsie hid in the crate while they were there all the next day, which was a little ironic considering how it had gotten progressively more difficult to get him back in there.

But they finally finished, and the new floor is nice, and I got my stuff all moved in. I still have some boxes around that I should probably do something about, but I'm getting there, and my first week of work went well.
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...The Bumper Sticker Mobile!

I wound up spending way more on dressy job/interview shoes than I was planning to, but they are super nice and super comfy and Salesdude totally earned his commission because I was extra picky (no heels! no shininess!) and tried on a lot of shoes. As it turns out, I cannot wear ballet flats because even when they are too tight my heel still slips out.
Also the last time I interacted with a salesdude (buying glasses) I was wearing all blue and he commented that I must like blue and this time around I was wearing all purple (I defy you to convince me that my purple striped pants are anything other than awesome) and shoe salesdude commented that I must like purple.

But at least that was a totally practical splurge unlike the Breyer's Ice Cream I got at the supermarket (I had a coupon! it's summertime!). It turns out they have changed the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream. It used to be PB ice cream with chocolate syrupy swirls and chunks of Reese's PB Cups. Now it is basically chocolate ice cream with peanut butter ripple and chunks of Reese's PB Cups. Which is good, but not particularly worth the brand name tie-in? Like, the other one required more effort/creativity and was more peanut buttery.
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No, no, fuck you.


P.S. I didn't think of it until I was driving on an ice skating rink and wondering if I could sue you from beyond the grave, but next time I am totally wearing my Harvard shirt in protest. So there.
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And I have neither an SUV nor a team of sled dogs (nor a Tonton), I said, "Eh, screw it," fired off an "I'm out today" email to BMR, and went back to bed until 1:30pm (as you do).

In related news, I think I need snow boots.
Yeah, I made it through four years of lake-effect Rochester snow without them, but I'm old and decrepit more mature now, and I like my feet to be dry.
My first instinct would usually be blue, but in this instance, I'm thinking fire engine red.

Now to head out (bootlessly) into the frozen ice planet to dig out my car for tomorrow.
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If I am the one braking to a stop to let a pedestrian cross the street, and you are the one honking your horn and going around me (over a double yellow line, no less), that makes you the asshole in this situation.
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Things to bring:
-presents for Shallerdoodle
-the pretender DVD
-chocolate chip cookies + PB cookies
-clothing, meds, toothbrush, sheets, etc.

Music for driving:
On the way down: Cabbage Patch Kids Christmas Album
On the way back up: Non-holiday music TBD

Detour to PA:
-Pathmark Hoagie
-Stop at PUs to get presents and EZ Pass (also give PUs their cards + book for mom since dad already got song)

As always, I feel like I'm forgetting something.
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It is better to have a propensity for hitting curbs than a propensity for hitting other cars. It is better to have a propensity for hitting curbs than a propensity for hitting other cars. Or pedestrians. Or wildlife.
At least this way, the only thing that gets hurt is my car. But seriously, what is up with me and the damn curbs? I was doing so well! I mean, I scraped a few curbs-- maybe even bumped a few others, but nothing requiring the shelling out of money for car repair for at least two years. Maybe even three.
At least I know what to do and am actually pretty good at changing a tire between curbs and picking up nails (except maybe not because Public Safety Officer said I should loosen the bolts before the tire was all the way off the ground, and I had forgotten and/or never learned that part *eyeballs dad*).
Ah well, the very kind Officer Leach stopped to help (To Do: make a "thank you" card and figure out where to send it) and was actually able to start the bolts loosening without standing on the tire iron and bouncing a bit (which is what I usually do). Then I stopped at Pep Boys on the way home and got a new tire. This was definitely the cheapest of the three curb hits as it did not require body work. Then again, the second curb hit, I didn't realize it required body work until later when it started making funny noises and it turned out the axle was bent.
So I'll just be over here telling myself that it is better to have a propensity for hitting curbs than a propensity for hitting other cars.
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But for now, new bumper stickers! (They haven't been attached to the car yet, and I suppose won't really be bumper stickers cuz I only have room for one more on the bumper.)

"An economy based on the consumption of fixed resources will consume itself."

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." - M. K. Gandhi

"I think, therefore I'm dangerous."

"In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday." (and I just realized this one mispells 'tomorrow' as 'tommorow', so I can't use it. Bah.)

"Don't make me release the flying monkeys!"

"If you can't trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child?"

"Last time we mixed politics and religion people got burned at the stake."

"I have an ulterior motive for my hidden agenda."
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That was then. )
This is now. )
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Instead, I just ran off the road. Guess they weren't kidding about that "Slippery When Wet" thing.
There was a funny noise afterwards, but I'm hoping that's just the loose flap thing that I kicked back into place once I made it to the parking garage. I also really hope both the front tires are still inflated by the end of work, which may come sooner rather than later if my nose doesn't stop running/bleeding.
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It's raining, it's pouring,
Nicole ain't driving!
(Yes, I know it doesn't rhyme.)

I always get pissed at the car when I have to take it in for fixings, but then when I get it back, I'm all, "I missed you, car!"
So, MaryBruceland trip has been delayed, but come hell or high water I will be there for Brucey goodness tomorrow night.

On to the funny Car Guy story...
Okay, so the place PUs go to has two Guys, one for American cars and one for foreign cars. And mom always goes on and on about how the guy who does foreign cars (Steve) doesn't say much, but apparently the guy who does American cars (Chris) is chatty and friendly.
Well, Steve talks to me. Today, he asked me if I enjoyed my summer and talked about how he took a week off and stayed at home gardening in the morning and taking his canoe out on the river in the afternoon. Previous times I've been there he has teased me about my propensity for hitting curbs and my bumper stickers. He's not chatty on the phone (which is fine by me), but in person, he's always very friendly, and well, he talks to me.
I was telling dad about it, and apparently he's very terse in dad's presence as well (though in most instances I'd think mom would be there too-- dad mentioned seeing Steve at Concerts at the Crossing and him being just as terse as he ever was). Anyway, Dad said Steve talked to me more today than he's ever talked to him and mom for the the like, 20 years they've been going there.
So yeah, my theory is pretty much that he's fine with talking to people, he just doesn't like talking to mom. Which I sympathize with. And also: HEE!
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Dropping off the car at Hunt's went smoothly enough, except for when he asked me if I was getting a rental (yes) and offered to call Enterprise to come pick me up. Which, well, quite frankly, would be a waste of gas, given that it's only, like, one strip mall over. But seriously. He was all, "Are you sure?" about it, and I'm like, "I walk further from the parking garage to my job."
That settled, I walked on over, to find that they did not have Intermediate or smaller cars that the insurance co. would be willing to pay for. Apparently you're supposed to call for a reservation in advance, but I could get a larger car if I were willing to pay the difference. And um, yeah, even if it were free, I would not drive an SUV on principle. So they can get a small car in for the afternoon (2pm). And it seems like bad business practice to not have spare cars, but whatever.
At this point I'm in the middle of Fairless Hills with no car, essentially, so I call PUs and get the answering machine and leave a message (Dad was on a conference call), and I started sorta wandering around to see where I could walk to. Turns out not much, due to the "No Pedestrians" sign. But during this time, I notice an Avis across the road. So, it turns out to have been good dad was unable to answer, cause I wound up trying there and the lady was both nicer and more competent (she called the insurance company, and like, knew what she was doing and such, which Enterprise lady... not so much), and they had 2 compact cars available, do I want a Kia Spectra or a Ford Fusion, oh take the Kia because the Ford's in bad shape.
And of course, in the midst of all this, I had emailed BMR yesterday to say I'd be late, and then when I thought I couldn't get a car 'til 2pm, called to say I couldn't come at all, and then called again to say I would be coming in after all.
So I've got myself a shiny-ass sparkly blue car that is also quite new and modern, and just as an example, let's compare and contrast the windshield wipers.
My car has two speeds: fast and superfast. This car additionally has an intermittent option, and within this option, adjustably levels of intermittencey. And this is in addition to all the automatic locks and windows that frighten me cause I'm worried about accidentally leaving it unlocked or something.
I'm also pissing off my fellow motorists even more than usual by being extra careful cause I'm nervous about it being all shiny and new and not mine.
But it's blue! And I am overly excited about that!
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I find it somewhat hysterical that even the guy who backed into the side of my car feels the need to tell me he likes my bumper stickers. Just last night, the guy who parked next to me at the ShopRite voiced his endorsement, and then this morning I go out to find hugoid dents in the driver's side doors of my car (surprisingly and thankfully, he left a note with not one but two phone numbers, which seemed promising). And then when I called to get info, he said he liked my bumper stickers, amongst the it-was-an-accident type statements.

And hey, for once it is not my fault and no curbs were harmed.

I'm starting to think my car is cursed, though.
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I bumper sticker you up all pretty-like, I avoid ramming you into another curb for almost a year now, and this is how you repay me?

Your stupid "check engine" light comes on, and my Car Guy can't figure out what it is, and now I have to take you to a dealer which will cost lots of money and generally be a pain in my ass.

I hope you're happy.
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So, one of my tires is significantly low, and the other three could use a little air themselves, and what is a girl to do?
Bust out her handy air compressor, of course.
Of course, it's a crappy, cheap air compressor that takes for freakin' ever, but that's neither here nor there.
In the midst of my inflation shenanigans, a guy (on his way to his car) asks me if everything is all right. Which is nice of him, I guess, supposing that everything were not all right. But I can't help wondering if he would have asked had I been male and doing the exact same thing.

So I just tell him I'm fine and move on to the next tire, and he drives away, and I'm thinking, I can change a tire, bitch. Sure, I have to stand on the handle of the bolt-thingee for leverage purposes, and sure, I just called it a bolt-thingee cuz I don't know it's real name, but yeah, I think I can handle shoving some nozzle thingummer onto this release valve doodad and flipping a switch.


Sep. 25th, 2007 12:36 pm
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So, I got up early to go get an UltraSound of my thyroid, and make sure I don't have, like, a tumour or something, and that went fine- quick, even: I was out of there by 8:15am. Which meant I had time to kill before the Pathmark Pharmacy opened at 9am. Now, why I didn't drop off the prescription when I went to PUs for flea marketing on Saturday, only my idiot brain knows, but anyway. I figure I can buy stuffs that will survive a day in my car (mostly on sale Apple Juice), which I did, and then I hung out in my car for a while until it 9am rolled around, and I gathered my prescription, put my wallet in my pocket just in case because I had decided not to bring my whole bag of crap in just to drop off a prescription...
Aaaaand next time I'm totally bringing my whole bag of crap in just to drop off a prescription because included in said bag's crap collection is a spare key. A spare key which would have been helpful to have after I locked the door, closed it, and then checked my pocket for my keys (Dear Self, Check for keys before you close the door, moron! Love, Me), and of course, keys are on the front seat of the car. Also in my bag fulla crap? My cellphone. Thankfully, I did have my wallet, so in addition to being able to make a payphone call to mom, I was able to buy myself some conciliatory Reese's Peanut Butter Cups from the fake-o dollar store (I would have been able to use the phone regardless because of the emergency backup quarters in my shoe, but I would have been way more panicked-- I mean, at least with my wallet I could buy myself lunch if it came to that 'cause did I mention? I got the machine and mom didn't get home 'til later, so by the time she came to my rescue it was 11am).
So, by the time I would have gotten to work, it so wouldn't have been worth it, and I was (and am) cranky anyway because I feel dumb, and I hate feeling dumb, so I took the whole day off.

Time for another Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, methinks.
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"Let's try to avoid curbs for a while."

Dude. Seriously. If I hit another fucking curb, I'm gonna start believing in curses.

Dear Curbs of This World,
Whatever I have done that offends you so, I am terribly, terribly sorry.
Please Don't Hurt Me (or my car),
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Okay, so the first time was totally my fault, and I'm lucky I didn't hit a car.
But the second time was all Snow Miser, and it didn't seem like it was that bad 'cause I was going slowly because of the ice anyway, and braking into the turn.
Yeah, so I was totally in denial about potential damage.
First it was: It's just that the hubcap got cracked that's all. It's still on there. If I need to I can replace it with the extra one I've got in the trunk from last time.
Then it was: So maybe the plastic stuff in the wheel well is a little bit out of shape. I can fix that! Look at me bending it back into place so that it matches the other side!
Later: Well, it seems like the steering wheel is sorta tilted to the left... but maybe it was always like that and I just didn't notice!
Finally: Hmmm. This vibrating steering wheel is really rather disconcerting, but it only happens when I'm going between 60 and 65 mph, so can't be that bad.

Turns out the power of positive thinking can not actually fix bent car parts.
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I feel like I need a bumper sticker that says, "Dude, If you rear-end me, you have to pay for it." Except I'd have to put it on the roof of my tiny little Echo car in order for you to see it.

Dear People Behind Me Who Think I'm Going Too Slow,
I know it's strange, but I have this wacky desire to not die. So, when I feel like my car is about to fly off the road, I'm going to take my foot off the gas and possibly put it on the brake.

Dear Guy With The Bowhunting Sticker Thing,
While I agree bowhunting is an important skill, having an image of a bowhunting guy shooting a deer is not nearly as cool as the notion of using bowhunting to kill the things that go bump in the night (Plus I somehow doubt you're as hot as Dean is).
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It's a Toyota! And it's blue!

And it has those seats that fold into the floor and a roofrack and power windows and locks. And? The windows on the sliding doors actually open! I know!

Dad and I were totally dorking out whereas Mom was all, "So long as I can put my crap in there, who cares?"

I missed the fond (or not so fond) farewell to the U.S.S. Voyager, but apparently it was very clean under those annoying plastic mats. However, since other than that it was crap, they didn't get any money for it. Dad says they paid the same amount for this van as they did for the Voyager 10 years ago, which means they seriously overpaid for the Chrysler. Stupid American cars.

On a totally unrelated note (well there was driving, but tiny little Echo car, not big honkin' van), I gave away the last of my yogurt bars, so I'll have to come up with something else to keep in my glove compartment to give to homeless people. Maybe some Drake's Cakes?
But it was so dumb because while I'm handing the guy the food, the light turned green, and the people behind me start honking and it's like, "Dude? I'm feeding the homeless, so fuck you and your fucking BMW."
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I stop at the gas station, and the gas station attendant informs me that the rear driver side tire is flat and so it is, and he helps me with the funky 25 cent air thing, and it seems okay. I can't hear any hissing when I hold my head right next to the tire, but I mean, is there any way to get a flat tire without there being a hole in the tire somewhere? Which means that tomorrow morning when I need to go to work it'll be flat again?
And then I'll have to take the day off to take care of it, which wouldn't be bad in and of itself, like, if it were just a day off. But it's a day off to take care of the fucking tire on my stupid car that I just got back from the frelling body shop. And the rear driver side tire is as far away from the curb-crash point as you can get on my gorram car, so it can't possibly be related to that, can it?

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Granted, I didn't miss getting a static shock everytime I closed the door, but other than that, we're good.
And they vacuumed you! So the dashboard is no longer covered with dust! Who knew such things were possible?
Also, I only wound up having to pay $100 for the whole deal because the body shop work came in under the insurance's initial estimate, and they were nice enough to pass along the savings. Hunt's Auto Body. Awesome, man.

Now, we just need to send the Metallicar their way and all will be well.
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I hit a curb with my car so hard it bent the wheel. I did this because I am a moron. I did this because I needed to go to a supermarket after work to get some yogurt for breakfast tomorrow morning and possibly some milk. I did this because I decided to stop at the ShopRite on Route 1 that I pass on my way home rather than the one that's closer to my apartment but more out of my way.
So, I am attempting to do this when, annoyingly, I cannot get over to the rightmost lane to turn into the shopping center. So, I miss said shopping center. My thoughts are as follows: 'Crap, I'll have to go to the ShopRite in Hamilton', 'Hey, if I get around this car I can turn into this restaurant up here, and walk to ShopRite or maybe the parking lots connect', 'Shit, I'm going too fast', 'Shit, it says DO NOT ENTER', 'Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit'.
So, I hit the curb. So, I go up on top of it. Am I alive? Check. Is my car ok? Seems to be. Am I really gonna be that lucky after being such a complete and utter moron right now? Probably not.
Start to back up off the curb. Seems ok. Start to move forward on side of the road. Not ok. Trundle along 'til I reach the parking lot of the restaurant and get myself parked out of everybody's way. I'm ok. I can do this. Call Dad's cell. It's turned off. Call Dad's work. Answering machine. I'm ok. I can do this. Retrieve spare tire and jack and bolt-turning thingummer from the trunk and set to work. Manage to be semi-competant by raising the car up on the jack only to be unable to loosen the bolts holding the tire on. Finally get a hold of Dad who recommends not just standing on the bolt-turning thingummer but bouncing a bit too.
Time to be eternally grateful that he's on his way when it turns out that I can't get the bent wheel off. Time to be eternally grateful that he's there when it turns out the spare tire from my car is flat. Time to be totally freaked out driving to the Riverside Auto Shop with a spare tire and a funny high-pitched whistling noise. Time to be eternally grateful again because Dad is letting me use his car until mine gets fixed. Time to feel dumb. Some more. Again. Time to be astounded at how totally understanding PUs are being despite it totally being all my totally dumb fault.

Well, I am gonna have to pay for it.
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So, I found this Innova EVO catfood online. It's high-protein, low-carb, and based on the idea that cats are carnivores. Sounds good. Now to find someplace that sells it.
First place: In Hamilton, Mapquest has heard of it, directions are printed, off I go, and... and it doesn't exist? The good news is that in all my meanderings and "crap, I'm on the wrong road"s there was never a point where I didn't know how to get back to where I started from [practice for Baltimore, I hope]. Which I eventually did because the road ended before the numbers got low enough for this alleged store's alleged address. Maybe it pulled a Bellona on me, but Mapquest didn't acknowledge any such thing. Of course, Mapquest also didn't acknowledge the next store I tried, but that one had its own website with directions so I was more inclined to trust it. So that trip was less of a waste, and I also got the Swheat Scoop litter to try because it was only $2 more than an Arm & Hammer of the same size and there was a dollar off coupon on the bag and I'm willing to pay an extra dollar for pretty biodegradability. Plus, thinking of it as wheat being tracked all over my apartment rather than as litter all over the place is somehow more appealing.

The food is a bit more expensive than the prescription kind, but since I'm saving on Vet costs and not having to take Ringo outside the apartment is pretty much priceless, I think it'll be worth it. And this non-prescription stuff has more protein and less carbohydrates than the food allegedly designed for cats with diabetes.
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...is that it takes less time to get there. And back home, though I stopped at Wegman's to impress the checkout person with my honesty. I briefly considered not pointing out that the sugar hadn't scanned before she put it in the bag, but I knew I'd feel guilty about my ill-gotten gains later, so I went with being ethical and whatnot. Go me!
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Where to begin with my woes? I was actually all good and prepared-like because I went out and brushed the snow off my car last night, but I did not anticipate the ice wheel-stops that had formed around my tires. After much squealing and a funny smell, I managed to break up the ice using the point of my free Princeton umbrella. It's still not as cool as the Penguin's but I guess it'll do. Then came the horrifying traffic, later made extra horrifying by the fact that I was like two minutes outside the University and it took me a fracking half-hour to traverse Alexander Road because it wasn't freaking plowed. I mean, seriously, Alexander Road is not a highway by any means, but it is one of the main roads in and out of Princeton and apparently Washington Road wasn't plowed either and they should have given us a gorram delay, dammit. So, despite waking up at normal time, I didn't get to work until 9:50am, and by that point, I was in an immensely foul mood, so I decided to use 2 hours of "Compelling Reason" time and take a short lunch so that I could leave early to take care of the other problem, namely Ringo having a bit of an accident on my bed. I have decided that it was panic leakage because his claw was caught in my blanket and he was freaking out and it was just a tiny little drop, not like he actually out and out peed. And this is me putting my fingers in my ears and singing "la la la" really loudly when you try to tell me it's the diabetes. So I took the sheet and mattress pad to PUs' and washed it with Petzyme and stayed for dinner while I was at my favorite laundromat. And for once, spending time with my mother actually improved my mood. The apocalypse, it has begun.
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Well, except when I scraped the Honda up against the dogwood, but the Honda doesn't count, and there was actually another car involved that hit me. Thankfully, there was more damage to my heart rate and stress levels than to my car. I guess she was going slow enough, so there was only a jarring thud, and as far as I can tell not even a blemish on the bumper, but I think I'll wait until the harsh light of day to say for sure. Beyond the major panic, holy crapness of it all, I think I'm okay. Especially since it took forever for LJ to work and I made four icons while waiting to post about this.

I'm not sure which of my current icons, if any, I want to give up though.
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Called on Thursday to see if I needed an appointment. Don't need one for Saturdays, they said. So this morning I headed on over. A little bit after 8am, when they open, because it's a Saturday, dammit, and sleep is nice. There were other people there, but they had more complicated stuff to be done, so my oil change and tire rotation took 45 minutes or so. I sat in the waiting room and made a grocery list with the ShopRite ad because I didn't feel like crossing the 5 lanes to get to shopping on the other side (there's a chicken joke in there somewhere). And I know they for sure rotated my tires because I wrote on them with pen LF, RF, LR, RR and they've changed positions based on my handy notation system. So, there you go. Oil change completed. Basic car maintenence-type things taken care of. And I did it all by my lonesome. Maybe I can be a functioning adult, after all.


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