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Skull linoleum carving with hand-set metal type (14pt Bembo Italic).

Linoleum monkey could technically be any color, but of course he's blue.

Evgryd )
I actually did the wood engraving workshop first, but then linoleum carving was so much easier in comparison.
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And because I was sewing some with embroidery floss, I have decided that endbands are like friendship bracelets for books.
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But if I could do the Spock and/or Teal'c-style eyebrow raise, I'd totally be doing it in the general direction of the folks who take Bookbinding I who clearly have no crafty inclinations whatsoever. Like, I'm not saying you should come in with previous knowledge or knowing how to thread a needle or anything, but I feel like there's sort of a skill-set or maybe even a mind-set wherein you can actually learn those things. And if you don't have that crafty inclination, I have to wonder what makes you look at a Bookbinding class and decide to take it in the first place.

(This post is brought to you by me doing RA hours on Fridays and basically having to re-teach this guy step by step the things he should have learned in class. I mean, there were people in my BBI class who weren't crafty and needed help, but they got the gist, you know?)
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It would help if Bootsie were less cute and distracting.

"No! Do not look upon my face! The cuteness will be too much for you!"
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Why is it that when I read fiction about a topic I'm interested in, I could read for days, but when I try to read non-fiction about a topic I'm interested in, I read for five minutes until... Bored Now: Kitty! And then I drag myself back and read some more until Bored Now: Internets! And it's not for lack of interest. I mean, the whole reason I took "Topics in American Book History" was wanting it to be about the structural and manufacturing processes of book production, but while there were hints of it throughout the course, the majority of it was cultural analysis of what does it all meeeeeeeeeaaaaaan? So, for my "Formal Essay" final writing project whatchamawhosit, I decided to do a research paper on the stuff I wanted from the course, so that I would actually get the information. And it is interesting! Like the switch from leather to cloth and casing-in versus binding on boards and changing it so that instead of one person binding the book start to finish, it's all assembly line tasks, so that they could hire less skilled workers on the cheap and eventually replace them with machines (who will eventually rise up and take over the earth!).
So here I am all, "I want to know this!" and my brain is just like, "Nope, naptime!"
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or, This Shit Is So Boring I Fell Asleep Reading It.

(Charlotte Temple by Susanna Rowson, in case you were wondering what to avoid)
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I've probably actually gone this long without posting before, but not without reading stuffs, but I'm all caught up now, mostly via cheating and unsubscribing from a bunch of communities and people that I only read for TV commentary/fanfic, but since I barely have time to watch the shows themselves anymore let alone ponder/squee/snark about them afterwards... All my free time has been sucked up by the Graduate Student Vacuum. But before that happened I watched every single episode of the A-Team. Um. Go me?
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  • My pupils are (now? I don't know if this is a recent development or what) naturally dilated such that I don't need those horrifying eyedrops that take eight tries for them to get in because I always blink because my eyes don't want things in them that are not my eyes.
  • Dude who is about the same prettiness quotient as I am will flirt with me in order to get his commission or whateverthehell on eyeglasses and their protection plan thingies. I eschewed the protection plan because the only time I ever broke a pair of glasses was when I gave them to mom to hold for me (I don't even remember what for, but we were at Rice's), and she proceeded to drop and then step on them. On gravel. Solution? Don't ask mom to hold my glasses. He did talk me into getting prescription sunglasses which I've never had before, so I've basically just gotten used to not wearing sunglasses, so we'll see how that goes. But both frames have pretty blue on them.
  • I didn't learn this one so much as I was reminded, but wow, do I hate malls. With the people and the noise, and it seems open because the ceiling are so high, and yet it somehow manages to be oppressive.
  • Debbie Gibson is a better actress than Tiffany, as eighties pop stars go. But really everybody in Mega Pirahna was just so stiff and generally lacking in oomph. I think the difference is that the folks in Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, while not good actors, per se, were in on the joke, but Tiffany & Co. not so much (the joke being that you're in a movie called Mega Pirahna and it is baaaaaad).
  • The force is not with my Phantom Menace poster because it fell down for the bazillionth time (technically early this morning, but it feels like yesterday), and I had to get up from my comfy bed and relocate it because when it falls it covers Bootsie's water and food bowls.
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so, after all the horror and the trauma and the nighmarish stress, guess what i got on my a.i. project. a 10/10. that's right, one hundred percent. how much do i rock? quite a bit. and according to the class statistics, only one person got a 10/10, and who could that be? why that would be me. suck it computer science majors, cuz the little linguistics girl kicked all your asses. can i get a hell yeah?


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