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The good news is that it's short, and half of the words aren't mine.

L is for the way you look at me,
G solemnly holds out his hand, "May I have this dance?"
O is for the only one I see,
Sam starts to laugh but catches the look on G's face and stops. "Seriously?"
V is very, very extraordinary,
E is even more than anyone that you adore can,
Sam frowns as he places his larger hand in G's smaller one, "There's no music."
Love is all that I can give to you,
G grins in delight at Sam's crinkly-nosed confusion, "Who needs music?"
Love is more than just a game for two,
There's a moment of fumbling over who's going to lead before G acquiesces to Sam's growled, "I am so not the girl in this relationship."
Two in love can make it,
They sway to imaginary music.
Take my heart but please don't break it,
Sam finds himself wondering aloud, "Who are we supposed to be?"
Love was made for me and you.
"Right now? Just us."
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"To Be Alone With You" by Sufjan Stevens: from G's perspective about Sam. Technically the song is about Jesus, but I liked it better when I thought it was about a gay guy. Alternatively, Jesus was a homosexual. That works too, actually.

I'd swim across Lake Michigan,
I'd sell my shoes
I'd give my body to be back again
In the rest of the room
To be alone with you
To be alone with you
To be alone with you
To be alone with you

You gave your body to the lonely
They took your clothes
You gave up a wife and a family
You gave your ghost
To be alone with me
To be alone with me
To be alone with me
You went up on a tree

To be alone with me
You went up on a tree

I've never known a man who loved me

Also, "Spies" by Coldplay because it makes me think of Sam rising up out of the pond on the golf course in that ep.

For the record, I fully intend to cling to my "Sam got Don't Ask, Don't Tell-ed out of the Navy" theory for as long as possible.


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