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You'd think that of all the days of the year, the one where you might spend some time thinking about how we, as well-fed people, are wasteful of food, would potentially be the one when you spend your evening making PB&J sandwiches for homeless people.
Like, seriously, do you people actually do this with your own jars of peanut butter? I mean, if it's a jar of PB that you have bought and paid for yourself, do you really, honestly recycle/trash the jar with that much PB in it? Because that? Is a sandwich worth of PB, my friend, and here you are saying that the jar is empty.
Is it some sort of social stigma thing? Like, you would scrape the jar in the privacy of your own home, but nobody wants to be the crazy person scraping the PB jar in public?
(And it occurs to me that this is the one socialization event/gathering that I attend each year. Other people go to parties and bars and Cons. I... make sandwiches for Loaves & Fishes once a year. Where I am know to be or soon found to be the crazy person who scrapes the PB jars.)
Besides, aren't youwe supposed to be UUs up in here? How about some Respect! For the interdependent web of existence! Of which we are a part!
That perfectly good peanut butter lurking in the bottom and on the sides of the jar need some respect too, you know.

This was Friday evening. Appropriately enough, on Thursday evening, I scraped the last of the PB from my 4 lb. tub as a sort of warm-up as I made my two sandwiches (the usual lunch + one for dinner since I was going straight from work to church). So, I started the tub on February 6th and finished it on March 24th. Sooo I eat 4 pounds of peanut butter every 1.5 months or so.
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So this started when I was thinking about how a fair amount of TV shows/movies/etc. seem to inevitably go all biblical on me *cough*Supernatural*cough*.

Which then led to me thinking that at the very least, if you're gonna rip off a religion, you could at least go with the non-Judeo-Christian ones for variety. Of course, Stargate did exactly that and still managed to piss me off by making every religion on earth into "The Aliens Did It" with the glaring exception of Christianity, which they would not touch with a ten-foot pole despite the fact that within the context of the show, Jesus is obviously a descended Ancient (à la Merlin) who then re-ascended.

And that led to me thinking about how Unitarian Universalists don't really have their own mythology, they just poke around at everybody elses'.

So, then I'm all wondering what a UU creation story would be like, and this is what I came up with:

Basically, they would totally form a committee to decide what to create and how to create it and so on and so forth. But they're UUs, so they can't actually agree on anything or come to a consensus, so they'd never actually get anything done. In fact the current state of the world today is really all the warringarguing factions of the original committee which has turned into like factions of factions of factions at this point.
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So, officially, they are half-siblings as they have the same mother. But then Lady had a litter of 5 kittens with Ringo's father so she's his half-sister and stepmother and he's her half-brother/stepson.

In unrelated people are scary and fucked up news:
Some nutbar opened fire in a UU church last Sunday.


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