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But I do still love the classics. Season 2 Disc 1 wraps up (or unwraps) with "Eye of the Beholder". Thus ends the Twilight Zone-athon (though it was interrupted by calligraphy, which I was planning for and Mummers Parading online, which I wasn't planning for). I might sneak in "Death's-Head Revisted" tomorrow, since I'm using the ending narration from that for my calligraphy project, so it clearly it counts as part of doing my homework.
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I am doing this because Dad's "Happiness Club" thingy is not the sort of thing that makes me happy.
These things make me happy:

1. The Boots! Because even when he is getting into trouble, I still can't help but love his silly Bootsie face.

2. Laryssa at work lent me her copy of The Nightmare Before Christmas that she is certain I will like because it is "weird and creepy". Even the people at work know that weird and creepy is my genre. This pleases me.

3. Tomorrow, Rod Serling will be my TV Boyfriend.

4. It seems like the Mummers Day Parade is going forward despite financial difficulties. Also this.

5. Through the magic of leftovers, I get to eat really yummy mashed potatoes from Aunt Louise's without actually having to go there.
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Some people might tell you that 2007 started midnight Sunday into Monday morning. For me it started about 11am this morning, and cemented itself as the new year around 1:20pm when the human tsunami that is the James 'Froggy' Carr New Years Brigade arrived in full.

Happy New Year!
And, more importantly, Happy Mummers Day! (finally)
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Even if they're not being particularly Mummerly due to inclement weather.
I guess the Fancy Brigades will still be at it since they're inside anyway, but last year they didn't even show those on TV. Then again, that's usually about the time I start to zone out, so it's not like it was a huge loss.
The String Bands are the best part anyway, but I guess I'll have to wait 'til Saturday.


Dec. 31st, 2005 10:34 am
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TVGuide lists the Mummer's Day Parade as being on the WB 17, as usual [Prince Tuesday], so why the frack were the Oldies 98 people saying it was gonna be on UPN with them hosting? Did I hallucinate this announcement?

I'm so confused.
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The 2006 Mummer's Day Parade is going to be on UPN 57 hosted by the morning show DJs from Oldies 98.1. Even though from what I've heard of these DJs, they seem annoying, hundreds of men wearing dresses, yarn wigs, and gold spray-painted sneakers while yelling "Who dat? Who dat? Who dat Froggy Carr?" is pretty hard to screw up.
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when dressing in drag (and occasionally doing the hula) is not only socially acceptable but celebrated! Steve Highsmith appears to be the only anchor WB 17 can keep around for very long cuz i didn't recognize any of the others. it's good for the WB though cuz the Mummer's like him cuz he gives them publicity and does stories about him and whatnot. they had the cool commentator guys, but the string band guy didn't get to do as much as usual cuz they had to dumb it down for the broadcasts in other areas. it's cool that they're spreading the joy (not that i have any illusions about non-Philadelphians bothering to watch it) but it seems that the nationwide broadcast came at the expense of showing the fancy brigades on tv. which isn't too big of a dissappointment, cuz they all start to look the same after a while and mummers inside seems wrong somehow, but the whole thing was a big deal about southwest airlines being their sponser. they even started calling it the southwest mummers parade which was sorta lame, but i guess i should take what i can get. the string band i thought was best (which means it won't win cuz it's not fralinger or frelling quaker city, shut up bob shannon) was avalon because they did an artic theme and had peeps dressed up like yukon cornelius and a massive abominable snow monster prop, and how can you not love rankin-bass related parephenalia...ok so after a while rudolph's shiny new year and all that got to be pretty crappy, but that's because you just can't top the original awesomeness of the original although in the case of the little drummer boy the original wasn't so awesome and therefore very easy to top, but book 2 more than just tops book 1, it blows its predecessor out of the water! how can you go wrong with a song that goes 'money, money, money makes you poor or makes you rich'? not to mention the whole 'plato, you fool!' thing. anyway, mummers are cool, but it turns out there's a conspiracy which favors the same bands year after year. basically if you won last year you get a slot at the end where they're more willing to give higher points and the bands that don't win don't win because they're handicapped by performing later which is so ridiculously lame! again, shut up bob shannon. i know i shouldn't take it out on him but i'm still bitter about the year they let his band win cuz he had a heart attack during the performance. ah well, the mummers keep on marching and it's a philadelphia-y and rendell was on pretending he doesn't love philly best so that was funny.


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