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Okay, so you know how sometimes you stand up too fast, and you get all dizzy/light-headed (and for me my vision goes out for a few seconds)?
Well, this morning I went from crouching by the litter box, and made it as far as (only a few steps really) the kitchen where I had left the twisty tie, and then turned around to head back when the vision blackout hits. Normally, I just stand still for a bit until the dizziness passes and move on. But today, I guess since I was already sort of in motion (I'm gonna blame it on that lest I be forced to blame it on something medical/health-related and start freaking out), I lost balance and fell, landing on the cat carrier, which was a good thing because it broke my fall, but also a bad thing because there was an empty cookie tin on top of it, and I slammed into that which slammed into the wall, thus denting it (the wall not the tin).
I'd say this was an indication of how hard I fell, but it's more likely an indication of how crappy the drywall/whateverthehell is (like, seriously, it looked like cardboard).
So now, my lower back/butt feels like it has a purple* tin-sized ring of bruising on it. And at the time I just got up and kept going in get-ready-for-work-autopilot mode, but it occurs to me now that maybe I should have waited a bit and made sure I wasn't going to fall over again or something.

*I haven't checked the actual color, but suffice to say, it does not feel nice.

And to top it all off, I scared the crap out of poor Bootsie, who was still trembling in his hiding place between the headboard and the wall when I left.
fuzzybluemonkeys: I just read the most wonderful story about a beanstalk and an ogre and (oh really)
I need someone to Jedi mind-trick me into chucking the unrecylable plastic bottle caps I've been saving "because there must be something crafty I can do with them!"

(Dear Juice Manufacturers, More #5 lids that I can at least recycle via Preserve, please.)
fuzzybluemonkeys: I just read the most wonderful story about a beanstalk and an ogre and (oh really)
I'd recommend skipping The Chronicles of Riddick.
First of all, they recast Jack, which, no. The new actress was actually pretty good (electricity girl from Angel), but she was not Jack, and even the people involved realized it because they had her change her name to Kira.
Then, they went and changed it into big honkin' destiny save the universe crap because goodness forbid there should just be people. Doing their thing. On a planet or multiple planets and yet somehow not having the fate of millions resting on their shoulders.
The cool thing about Pitch Black was that it was a character study. Limited number of cannon foddercharacters contained in a location is a total horror movie trope, I do not deny, but they did what the cool horror movies do and made it about those characters instead of them having special powers and Fate and Destiny and Prophecy. Oh yes, there was PROPHECY. Because Riddick can't just be a guy who is, you know, a murdering criminal, and yet tragically human at the same time, he has to be super speshul last of his kind just shoot me now.


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