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And while I'm not all OMG!!!! Best. Show. Evar. about it, I have been enjoying it. And of course, slashing the hell out of the two main male characters, Nathan and Duke (played by Eric Balfour who gets the "and" credit).
Now this is in and of itself not unusual, but I am making note of it in that I find I am slashing them differently from my usual insistence in the face of all evidence to the contrary (read: girls) that they are together and obstinately refusing to believe otherwise except for rare moments of sanity wherein I acknowledge that they're not presently together but insist that they need to be/should be/will be.
In this instance, I'm actually interpreting them as exes. Like, they used to date, but they broke up horribly, and that's why they've got all this animosity towards each other. Their relationship is very, "you can't hate someone that much unless you loved them first" (even when I take off my slash goggles, the show is strongly implying that they used to be friends before something mucked up their friendship). And after the latest ep, it's totally canon that they do still care about each other.
So now I'm dreading the episode where they inevitably go all aggressively heterosexual about Nathan and Duke's past, and have it turn out that Duke stole Nathan's girlfriend or something equally stupid involving them fighting over a girl. Because goodness forbid the girl should get to make her own decisions. *eyeroll*

P.S. My song for them is Dido's "White Flag", so there is some of that "they need to be/should be/will be together" (again).


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