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...which busted out a dream last night wherein Cas was possessing the Metallicar and she turned the color of his trenchcoat and Dean was pissed.
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and it occurs to me that if I'm going to be all crazypants, I might as well go all out:

Each sprinkle has been hand-selected for clarity and sprinkliciousness )
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At what point in the course of burning a corpse does it occur to you to add seasoning?
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but this is what happens when I listen to Come What May over and over again while contemplating this prompt (I was also making book labels at work, but that's neither here nor there).

Never knew it could be like this
'Cause I've never kissed a guy before
Want to ignore but can't dismiss
Once just bros, but now we're something more
Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing
Telling me that this is more than a fling
Work may get in the way of things
But we're partners until the end of time

Let them scoff, let them scoff
I'll be with you until the wheels fall off

We have always been up in each other's space
We have always moved in such concerted grace

You were always there right in front of my face

I'm so glad I found you

And there's no crime spree too vile, no corpse that's too fried
Call my last name, and I'll be there by your side
Castle may blather and Kate may smile wide
But I love you until the wheels fall off

Let them scoff, let them scoff
I will love you until the wheels fall off
Oh let them scoff, let them scoff
I will love you

With you I want to work on every case...

Let them scoff, let them scoff
I'll be with you until the wheels fall off
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A is for Anaconda, that's one big-ass snake
B is for Bigfoot, he'll eat you like cake
C is for Crocodile, lying in wait
D is for Dinoshark, and you're the bait
E is for Elements, tornadoes and wind
F is for Fodder, how the herd is thinned
G is for Guts, strewn all over the floor
H is for Heart, yours isn't beating anymore
I is for Ice Spiders, bigger than a box for bread
J is for Just kidding! the monster's not really dead
K is for Kraken, who's not very nice
L is for Lightning, it'll strike more than twice
M is for Meteors as they rain down from space
N is for No one ever escaping this place
O is for "Original" and also "Oh, please."
P is for Predators churning the seas
Q is for Quake, the Earth fit to burst
R is for Racist, darker skinned folks die first
S is for Sand Serpents, tunneling underground
T is for Tyrannosaurus, Lost World now found
U is for Ugly, a monstrous beast
V is for Vampire, and you're the feast
W is for Wyvern, it finds you quite yummy
X is for X-ray, your bones in its tummy
Y is for Yelling, but that won't stop the end
Z is for Zombies, a girl's best friend.


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