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So I planned it all out. I couldn't go on Thursday even though the Eastman House is open till 8pm because the bus only runs till 6:30pm and then I'd only be able to stay for an hour (which as it turns out wouldn't have been a problem) and would have had to worry about being stranded. So I decided to go with Friday because I could set out earlier and the House would close before the bus runs stopped so I'd rather worry about the museum staff kicking me out than missing the last bus. Anyway, I assumed due to the way things are set up on the RTS website that the bus I was going to take which was included in the school shuttles section that the bus was gonna be free, but I wound up having to pay which wouldn't have been a problem if it weren't for my embarassing assumption that I didn't have to pay if I just showed my U of R ID. Suffice it to say: awkward. Anyway, that trauma over, we move on to the next trauma... getting off the bus at the right place. I wound up having to walk a bit but at least I wasn't walking in the wrong direction because I was starting to get worried after it had been a while past the intersection they were supposed to be right near. So I finally find it and go in and pay admission and the lady asks me if I'm here to see the Law & Order exhibit all knowingly and I mean I was there for that, but what about me screamed it from the rooftops for her to assume? I guess cuz I was a students and students don't do educational stuff, they do TV stuff. Anyway, the pictures and the exhibit were really cool and they were playing the theme song and clips from the show and chung chunging and there were body part props and a tribute to Jerry Orbach and I had heard on NPR that they were gonna send the comment book to Jerry's wife because lots of people were writing stuff about how great he was so I wrote stuff about him being great too. And the bus ride home was much less stressful and even though it was $8 (bus fare plus admission) and I was only there for like a half hour, maybe 45 minutes and spent more time in transit I'm pretty sure, it was worth it cuz that's less than I would have spent going one way to the airport in a taxi and the airport does not have Law & Order. Plus I saved money in terms of airport taxiness when I took the bus before spring break.
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I am now the proud owner of a Chung! Chung! shirt!
I decided to splurge as a graduation gift to myself and since they don't ship till the end of april and it's shipping from canada i probably won't get it till after graduation but still, chung!chung!
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shal: how will u deal with the l&o withdraw
me: i dunno
shal: i will reenact for u
me: chung chung
me: look a dead body!
shal: hi i used to b a disney chanel boy
shal: now ima an evil killier
shal: yeah i guess the dead body comes 1st
shal: ok i see the dead body
shal: then um we need to identify it
shal: and then we go and talk to thier tough boyfriend
shal: whos too obvoius to b a suspect
shal: then we figure out its thier disney chanel brother
me: you forgot the quipping
shal: cuz tje kid as killer has not been done to deatth
me: it's not complete without the briscoe quip
me: he totally pioneered it and grissom copied him
shal: ok so he can say somthing like thats y this city did not get the brotherly love nickname
shal: but now they caught the brother
shal: so its trial time
shal: chug chug
shal: jack and adam need to argue the constution
shal: a slezzey defense lawyer says that its the media fulat
shal: the girly sidekick says somehting that shows shes young and not hardend tough liek the guys
me: judge petrovski smacks em down
me: hee
me: serena asks if it's because she's a lesbian
shal: then jack gives a flag raiseing music swelling speach
shal: then they give thr verdict and go out for coffe
shal: executive producer dick wolfe
shal: did we get it all
me: we skipped van buren saying the higher ups are pressuring her
shal: oh year
shal: cuz shes all opresed liek
me: well it happens to cragen too
me: for high profile stuff
shal: and adam needs to blame somethign on politics
shal: yeah
shal: they say cach em faster
me: and then there needs to be a scene where they advance the plot while eating
me: preferably wherein briscoe steals someone's food
me: that's always funny
shal: ok so he and green share french fries
shal: and figure out that the brother did it
shal: cuz the boyfriend was alergic to potatos
me: hee
shal: thare we go a brand new l&o ep
shal: now for svu
shal: it will b an older one so finn and munch r in it
shal: cue the body
shal: then signs of sexual stuff
shal: then fin and much flirt i mean heclke each other
me: hee
me: awesome
shal: then olivia gets all melodrmatic about her past
shal: elliot has a problum with his fam
shal: cragen gets pressure from the higher ups
shal: then they investige the stepfather
me: fin and munch dissappear for a while to go canoodle
shal: yeah
shal: do they need to eat
me: they don't do that quite as much
shal: or can they just figure out its the high school um lacross coach
shal: yeah that sounds right
me: alex need to stroll in all authoritatively
shal: yeah
me: and then whine about breaches in protocol
me: that could ruin her case
shal: and say somethign like that they need to do stuff by the gbook
shal: but then the guy that did it comits suicide or soemthign
shal: and they go out for coffe
shal: executive producer dick wolfe
me: or the guy who didn't do it was sent to jail and shanked
me: possibly both
shal: yeah
shal: whenever liv invites alex someplace
shal: they get a call like tht
me: so finn and munch go back to their shared apartment to comfort one another
shal: yeah thats off screen durring the credits
me: alas

shal: yay monkeys i know this isn't part of the law & order bit but it
shal: chung chung needs to be said as often as possible
shal: dead body]
shal: must b time for next ep
shal: ok this guy was um stabed with a kitchen knife
shal: briscoe makes a funny coment while noticeing thares a knife missing from the sisters knife storeing thing
shal: then they eat
me: with kitchen knives
shal: and find out the dead guy was baby sitting the 8 nice
shal: and she stabed him by acident
shal: then her mother tryed to cover it up by um buying new knives
shal: but brisco cought her
shal: \chung chung
me: and then the order peeps are all well it was an accident but we have to prosecute anyway
me: or else anyone could have an accident
me: and get away with murder
shal: yeah and the mom gets in truble for covering it up
shal: and they go on about not leaveing kids with thier uncles
shal: chung chung
shal: and crying
shal: and i guess the kids fasther wants custody
shal: cuz the mother was a bad influce
me: of course
shal: then thares soem drug conection
me: so olivet has to come in and make sure he's for real
shal: i know someones on medication
me: oh and branch can be in this one and tell a story about down in the south
shal: ok
shal: chung chung
shal: u r loosein me
me: he tells some inane story
me: it's like walking in the snow both ways uphill
me: but with a oh yes i'm a southerner twist
shal: ahh that kinda story
shal: mama critions baby boy
shal: so anyway olivet says the mother is on meds and she may have really killed the guy and blamed it on the kids
shal: the fcather gets custoday
shal: and she is guilty chung chung
shal: then the gang um eats again
shal: and um lennie and jack flirt or hekel each other
shal: executive producer dick wolfe
shal: thats 3 eps tonight
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So yes, I did see the Jerry Orbach tribute, it was very nice. They also had a "For Jerry" card at the end of Criminal Intent on Sunday. TNT was playing their "We will miss you" thingy at least once an episode up until Sunday. It's interesting though, that watching him on the show doesn't make me think about how he's dead, but watching those "What is drama?" commercials TNT does makes me sad, I guess cuz then he's stepping out of the character and speaking more as the actor. And on the same subject, it's really weird to consider that I've been listening to his voice for years, over and over again every time I listened to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack (which was many, many times) or saw the movie, and I didn't know it was him, but he was still such a presence in my life as a little French candelabra.
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but Jerry Orbach was really the law part of Law & Order, not to mention a certain french candlestick. It's so weird when celebraties die, it's not so much a feeling of sadness as of dissappointment that I won't get to see them anymore (except of course via the wonders of syndication). They'd better give Lennie a damn big sendoff on all the shows, cuz Dick Wolf owes him big.
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Well, philosophy of law looks interesting, it should be doable so long as I keep my Law & Order daydreams at a minimum. And of course what school year would be complete without people littering all over campus? I picked up my first recyclable today (and recycled it of course). Sigh. A pox upon all litterers.
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I've got a skeleton in my closet
I've got a shovel in my shed
I've got two days to prove to the IRS
That I'm not actually dead
I've got CSI on the TV
Got Law & Order in my head
I've got two days to prove to the cable company
That I'm not actually dead
I've got big plans for the mornin' (mournin')
But I've got too much on my mind
I'm slated to worry about all the things
That I think they might find
I've got a skeleton in my closet
And I didn't mow the lawn
I've got no time to prove to anybody
That my life isn't just a yawn
I've got a skelton in my closet
I've got a shovel in my shed
I've got two days to prove to the IRS
That I'm not actually dead
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So, a lady at work had her credit card stolen out of her purse, and today a police officer came by to ask us if we'd seen their suspect (from a zoomed in security camera freeze frame-- of course the zoom was not as good as the magic zoom of TV which is pretty much impossible). So, although I'm sorry about the poor person's credit card, and I had never seen the lady in the picture before, it was soooo cool.
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Hee! I just saw an awesome movie. It's called The Boy Who Loved Trolls and Sam Waterston from Law & Order was in it (which is why I got it out from the library) and he was just so young and adorable. And there was a turtle named Socrates! That may have been the best part. It was all cheesy and about growing up and giving up on fantasy things like trolls. And it was hilarious. And also awesome. Terrible. But awesome. Sammy W. is the troll but he looks like a human except he's wearing raggedy troll clothes and is really cute about it. And Socrates the turtle turns into a person which makes him even cooler especially since the actor guy doing him does funny turtle movements with his neck. And his facial expressions are hilarious. The actual boy who loved the trolls was sorta annoying but the supporting cast of adults was amazing, except for that weird part where they were in some strange music video or something and they kept putting this rainbow graphic around the singing mermaid. That was weird. But Sammy W. is dancing and laughing and smiling. He doesn't smile enough as Jack McCoy. And what is up with the whole crumdungeon-y thing with guys named McCoy anyway?


May. 26th, 2004 02:48 pm
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hee! Detective Lennie Briscoe is the voice of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. hee!


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