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Hey. Hey! You're not allowed to sleep all day: that's my job!

Also you are in my spot. You need a permit* for that during daylight hours.


Well, I guess I could just curl up here next to you. But be aware that you are in direct violation of [yawns] rules... and... stuff.

Mm. Sleepy naptime.

*ha ha purr-mit
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My thoughts while cuddling the Boots:

Bootsie is very warm.
It must be because of his fur.
He's a furnace!

*cackles maniacally*

You're welcome.
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...as you do.
And I had the following flight (haha geddit?) of fancy:
Does anyone actually like flight delays? I feel like there must be somebody who, for the sake of human diversity, reacts to a flight delay with unparalleled glee. And they also enjoy traffic jams. Like, if they can't start off their day being stuck in traffic on the way to work, it's just ruined for them. So they have their departure times planned to exactly hit the worst of rush hour traffic, so that they can just bask in the glory of it.

(Though I suppose someone running late might appreciate a flight delay if it means they don't miss their flight.)
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"I could liken you to a werewolf" Liken... Lycan... geddit?

In other pun news, Ithaca is Gorges, and I need a job, but I won't find out if I got it until the week of August 20th.
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Intestines: *roil roil roil*
Me: Okay, you can roil all you want so long as you don't make me have to run screaming for the bathroom during the Flea Market because I'm not entirely sure there is a bathroom there.
Bootsie: You're fucking with my routine, here, woman.
Me: I know, but I am much too tired to care.
Inestines: *roil roil roil*
Me: Ow, I take it back, stop roiling.

But I got up, and I went to market, to market to sell a fat flea, then home again, home again, $16 profit for me.
It's probably a bad sign when you get rid of $36 worth of stuff (especially at my prices), and you still have some left over (and then there's all the stuff that I'm not even trying to get rid of).
I begin to think that having more space in Iowa is potentially a Bad PlanTM.

But I sold the Autumnal Equibox which is cool because I made it and so forth, and usually I just give that stuff away (such as the Paper Clip Box that I gave to mom cuz it didn't sell and she expressed an interest), so it's like validation: a complete stranger is willing to pay five bucks for my craftings.
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Does not photograph well, but here goes. )


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