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So I made the mistake of reading a bunch of articles about reproductive rights and the contraception debate and then listening to the Little Mermaid soundtrack, and now my brain has busted out this bizarre feminist meta wherein Mermaid choosing to become Human = [bright young] Women [sick of swimmin'] choosing to become Sexually Active, but how in so doing they are expected to give up their voice in regards to the consequences.

Yeah, I don't know either. My brain hurts.

(Betcha on land, they understand, bet they don't reprimand their daughters.)


Jan. 22nd, 2011 01:52 pm
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You are parked in the parking lot at a grocery store. The space to the right of your car is the cart return. The space to the left of your car has another car in it.

Where do you put your cart once you have finished unloading the groceries into your car?


Obviously, you put it directly behind the car to the left of yours such that they will have to move it if they want to back out.



The Bumper Sticker Mobile was the next car to the left of that, so after I returned my cart, I returned the other one, too.
And I'm just so exhausted, you know? From the Epic Trudge.

I think I sprained something.
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If I am the one braking to a stop to let a pedestrian cross the street, and you are the one honking your horn and going around me (over a double yellow line, no less), that makes you the asshole in this situation.
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nor am I even vaguely obligated to make you all look less assholish than you actually are.
But I did it anyway by making a card for Jody for everyone to sign.

You do not get cookies for that.

After signing the card, both Man and BMR asked me what else I was doing for Jody's going-awayness (Mick did not ask because Mick is not here for Jody's final week due to an "out of state emergency"*, so he won't even be signing the card). Now, I am doing other things for Jody's last day. I'm making her peanut butter cookies (that I will not be giving to her until the end of the day because otherwise she would be the nice person that she is and share them with the jerkface brigade). I also made a card that is just from me (it was originally going to be the group card, but then I decided it was too pretty to have Douchebag Duo germs on it) with a nice note about how awesome she has been. But seriously, what else am I going to do? The only reason you did the minimum of what you could possibly do is because I provided you with the writing implement and thing to write on, and you want to know what else I'm gonna do? GAH! What I'm gonna do is smack you upside the head, that's what I'm gonna do.

*Based on personal experience working with this man for almost 5 years now, every instinct I own is screaming that this is a load of crap.
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So this started when I was thinking about how a fair amount of TV shows/movies/etc. seem to inevitably go all biblical on me *cough*Supernatural*cough*.

Which then led to me thinking that at the very least, if you're gonna rip off a religion, you could at least go with the non-Judeo-Christian ones for variety. Of course, Stargate did exactly that and still managed to piss me off by making every religion on earth into "The Aliens Did It" with the glaring exception of Christianity, which they would not touch with a ten-foot pole despite the fact that within the context of the show, Jesus is obviously a descended Ancient (à la Merlin) who then re-ascended.

And that led to me thinking about how Unitarian Universalists don't really have their own mythology, they just poke around at everybody elses'.

So, then I'm all wondering what a UU creation story would be like, and this is what I came up with:

Basically, they would totally form a committee to decide what to create and how to create it and so on and so forth. But they're UUs, so they can't actually agree on anything or come to a consensus, so they'd never actually get anything done. In fact the current state of the world today is really all the warringarguing factions of the original committee which has turned into like factions of factions of factions at this point.
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Except intentionally defacing the book in order to prevent it from being defaced sorta misses the point.

Now, I got this book through InterLibrary Loan to replace missing pages from one of Princeton's books, and I briefly considered going through the rigmarole of sending it back and trying to get another one with unmarred pictures, but that's a pain for me and the ILL people (who I'm pretty sure already dislike me for my pickiness), so Princeton's just gonna have to deal with University of Pennsylvania stamps on the pages that are gonna be photocopied and therefore sorta crappy anyway.
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I could not make this shit up if I tried. )
I didn't actually check to see what the price was because I was afraid of injuring myself.
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There is a library book that has multiple chapters* worth of this bullshit:

I erased most of it on Tuesday and my wrist still hurts.

Why? Why would you write in a library book that does not belong to you? Why would you underline an entire chapter worth of text instead of just making some notation about how chapters 5-7 are the ones you need to use? Why can't you just make some photocopies? Why can't you just take notes? Why do you do these things to the point where I have to hurt myself undoing them?

*I decided to forgo actually counting how many chapters because then instead of reading this you'd be reading about the Princeton employee who went on a killing spree and first stabbed her victims in the right hand with a pencil before shoving an eraser down each one's throat.


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